Video loop

Hi, there!

Maybe it could be VERY easy to implement, but I'm missing something...

How to create a video loop? I mean to be used as a seamless video background.



prof Paulo Maximo


  • tddavis
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    @PROFMAXIMVS  I would think it will vary depending on exactly what your video consists of i.e. live action footage, CG generated effects, etc.  But basically you want to try and have the first frame and the last frame of the loop be identical so that when it repeats there's no jump.  Live action will be far harder to accomplish this with in opinion, but if you plan the shot very carefully it could be pulled off.  Sorry I cannot be of more help than the very basics.

  • Palacono
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    It depends if you are trying to create a loop, or have something act as a loop. Creation is as tddavis outlined above.

    Acting as a loop requires some work on your part, as there is no automatic loop option.

    Create a composite and duplicate your looping clip in it a number of times. Perhaps 5. So make the composite 5 times longer than the loop length to get a perfect fit.

    Now make another composite shot and duplicate the first one 5 times within that, so make that comp 5 times bigger again. You've now got the loop duplicating 25 times. If that's not enough: repeat, when it will then be 125 times.

    Or, to reduce the comps within comps within comps: have larger numbers of duplicates in each comp, perhaps 10, then you'd have 10*10*10 = 1000 at three levels deep, or 100 at two levels deep.

    Depending on the total length you require, adjust as necessary, then place in the main comp where you want the background to occur.

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    Hi, @tddavid and @Palacono:

    Many thanks for your answers!

    I really forgot to mention... I'd like to have a CG backdrop, not a live action.

    I'll try it (the 1st and last frame being the same), and I'll keep you informed.


    Once more, thank you both.