Excalibur Entertainment's Projects - Name/Logo Change - 12/15/18



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    @DIY_Film_Guy Very nicely done.  You have every right to be excited.to release your trailer and be proud of it.

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    Yep looks good, nice grading. +1 to Mikes (Triem23) fav bit, and I like the light sabre twirling around with blaster deflection, looks sweet. Also the shot of the ties approaching the battle cruiser. All in all, felt good, sure there was the odd thing (maybe a tad to much single character in frame moments in the first half of the trailer - a lot of scanning the trees, sky, that sort of thing) But small point.

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    Wow, thanks everyone! I forgot to mention that this was shot on an iPad, so a bunch of the footage doesn't look great.

    Also, @NormanPCN - I was originally going to have voiceovers, like "They're growing stronger," but as you said, no one really had "the voice," and it didn't really work. When any of us did it, it just didn't sound right.

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    @DIY_Film_Guy shot on an IPAD... wow just goes to show the camera does not always make the movie.

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    Hi guys! Since I wont be posting very much, I thought I'd show some of my older work. Here are a few videos that I have done in the past half year or so.

    First, here is a dream sequence for a shortfilm that I never got around to finishing:

    That was done in Hitfilm Express with a red grade and the Derez effect. Next, here are some CG character tests: 

    Those were animated and rendered in Maya, and composited in Hitfilm. Now, here is a Sherlock Holmes shortfilm - this one took a while to make!

    Finally, here are some of my contest entries for the ProductionCrate 10 second contest:

    And VFX breakdowns:

    And lastly, a quick shot I did for @Triem23 's space contest:

    I know it's a lot of videos, but I wont be posting very much on here, so I just wanted to show a bit of my past work.

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    Hi everyone! I've been trying to do some serious work on FOTR - I'm nowhere near even halfway done. I've been working on cockpit shots and 3d characters. Here is a test shot I just finished. I animated it in Maya and composited it in Hitfilm. Let me know what you think!

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    Minor question: why won't you be posting much? School/work or  just concentrating on FOTR. 

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    Trooper shot looks nice.

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    @Triem23 - Both. School is going to take up a lot of time that I would be working on videos. Since I am really trying to crack down on FOTR, I won't be posting videos because I will be working on the actual movie.

    @Andy001z - Thanks! It took a while for this shot to set up the cockpit and the clone trooper, but now I can use this setup for all of the cockpit scenes and I can use the trooper rig that I made through Mixamo for all the trooper scenes. A lot of time is spent just setting up scenes, doing all the prep before you can actually finish shots.

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    @DIY_Film_Guy sounds good, I find that more and more these days, spending time thinking, learning, setting up the effect/shot/props all takes time. I guess you can swap the trooper model out for a rebel or another if you needed to in your story arc.

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    @Andy001z - Exactly! I actually just finished a rebel cockpit shot:

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    Hi guys - I was bored during the weekend, and saw some silly putty, so I decided to whip this out in a couple of hours:


    What do you think?

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    Clever.  I like that the camera was moving rather than locked off, lending a hand held quality.  I'm sure you learned a lot from this experiment!

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    Lots of fun stuff you've got there! I also like the stop-motion piece.  I tried my hand at that once many years ago.  One of the main things I learned was that I probably didn't want to do it any more.  XD

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    @jsbarret and @Stargazer54 - Thanks! It was a fun project.

    I've been entering a few contests. The most recent one was the Film Riot one minute shortfilm competition. Here is my entry to that:

    It was annoying to have to cut it down to one minute, the pacing feels off. I had to cut out a lot of great material, so I will probably release a longer version soon! This was one of the first shorts that I did where I did something with lighting. I was going for a suspenseful atmosphere.

    I also entered the Filmsupply Challenge. If you don't know what that is, click here to find out more about it. Unfortunately, I can't legally show it on youtube. They have a shared vimeo page, where they put up all the entries.  Here is my entry:

    I've also been dabbling with digital art. I made a pretty cool lighthouse image a little while ago, and being a big Star Wars fan, I made one of Boba Fett backlit against Cloud City. Here are images/breakdowns of those:

    Finally, I'm going to start up my blog again soon. Subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page to be notified of updates! (Here's the link to the blog - https://diyfilmguy.wixsite.com/blog )

    I'm still hard at work on FOTR, but don't expect it to be done for a couple of years!

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    Nice work on the Film Riot short!  Very engaging for such a short film, and I think you did well creating suspense with lighting.  I had an idea where it was going pretty quickly, but I genuinely jumped when the car came screaming toward the kid, and I wasn't even watching it at full screen.  I can see how you could have built up the pattern a bit more gradually if you had more time, but it still works quite well at just one minute.

    Most of the 438 comps are very nicely done, but a couple feel like the angle is just a hair off compared to the surface it's sitting on, including the final comp on the watch.  And as effective as the first car comp is, there's still something about it that doesn't feel right.  I think it's the lack of depth when it gets close.  It's easy to tell that it's just a still image being scaled up.  Because it's so quick, you could possibly cheat the feeling of depth by ramping up a fisheye effect as it gets larger, helping it to feel like it's actually closer to camera.  The subsequent side shot also feels just a touch off, though it's so short that I can't really analyze it without downloading it.  I did notice some "drift" in the masking on the front of the car, but that's not the only thing.

    Your edit for the Filmsupply Challenge is (wait for it) smashing!  It really tells a fun story.  At first I thought that you intentionally removed the color of the wine after the glass smashes at the end, but upon closer inspection I believe you added the color as it falls (unless that effect was part of the footage you were given).  It's not noticeable at full speed, but pausing a few times shows that the color mask bleeds beyond the glass several times.  Did you also animate the logo for that closing shot?  I haven't dug into the contest in detail, but I'm curious what you were given as raw material vs what you created for your edit.

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    @jsbarret - Thanks for the feedback! I wish I had had more time to work on 438, because I agree with all the things you said. I was up late working on this the day before the contest ended, so it was kind of last minute. For the car shot, I thought I could get away with a lack of depth since it happened so fast, but I probably should have added that in. The fisheye effect is a neat idea - I'll try that for the extended version. For the second car shot, I wasn't too happy with how the effect turned out, so I decided to make it very short. (Just a quick tip - you can go frame by frame on YouTube with the comma and period keys - that might help to analyze short shots.) Some of the tracking for adding in the digital numbers wasn't perfect - I'll try to fix that. 

    I was quite happy with my Filmsupply challenge entry. It didn't win, but it was a really neat contest! The basic idea of the competition is this: A stock footage website and a music website teamed together (they might have actually been owned by the same company, I'm not sure). The stock footage website allowed you 40 free downloads of your choice. You could only use them in this competition. The music website allowed 3 or 4 downloads (I don't remember which) to use only in your entry. You were allowed to add whatever you wanted to the footage/music. There were 3 categories - Best Trailer, Best Title Sequence, and Best Advertisement (for a fake company). I chose best advertisement.

    You are correct that I added color - originally it was clear. I probably should have spent more time on the mask, but I wanted to get the logo done - I animated it from scratch.

    In school, we are reading the book Holes, by Louis Sachar. We get extra credit if we design an alternate book cover. Naturally, I turned to Hitfilm. I found a really cool technique for creating a moon style terrain, that I needed for the cover. I used only built in effects in Hitfilm.

    Basically, I started with a black plane. Onto it, I added a swirl type fractal noise. I then made a new empty composite shot, and made a black plane, and on top of it, a white plane. On the white plane, I made many circular masks, to make holes to displace the terrain. To make the edges non-uniform, I added some heat distortion to the white plane, along with some blur. Then, back in the composite shot with the fractal noise, I dropped in the comp I just created - it will be used for displacement. I put it on the bottom of my comp. Then, I dropped a displacement effect onto the fractal noise plane. I used the displacement comp as the source layer. I used luminance for both horizontal and vertical. I ramped up the displacement amount, giving a crater look. Next, I made a new grade layer, and put the parallax effect onto it. Then, I added a light the the scene and made the fractal noise plane 3d. The parallax effect makes it look almost 3d, and gives it a very cool effect. Here is a still of the final result:

    Some of the lighting could use a little work, but it's a pretty cool effect!

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    Nice!  That's a really clever way of making that kind of surface.  Well done! My only suggestion would be to vary the size and placement of your circle masks a bit more.  They're all very close in size, and feel very evenly distributed.  Fewer circles with more randomness and size variation would probably lead to a better result.

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    @jsbarret - That is definitely true of you are making a moon terrain, or an alien planet. However, for the book cover, they need to all be the same size, since this is a dried up lake, where convicted boys have to dig holes exactly 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

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    Ah...and that's where I completely forgot about the connection to the book, which you'd mentioned above (and which I haven't read).  My bad!

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    I knew about the movie. Just didn’t mention it (and haven’t seen it)

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    Hi everyone! It's been a while, but over break I've been fiddling around with Hitfilm Pro, thanks to the Hitfilm Festive Giveaway. I thought I'd post some quick tests.

    This was one of my first tests playing around with the particle simulator. It's just a simple simulation of particles making a word:


    I have some other little tests in the works, but nothing really spectacular.

     On a side note, FOTR is coming along pretty well. I've finished the first scene, the fourth scene and the fifth scene (none of which are extremely VFX heavy), and I am hard at work on the second scene. I have been working on the digital stormtroopers lately. Here's a sneak peek from Scene 2:


    I don't love the whip pans - they look unnatural. I will continue to tweak this, but I thought I'd show you.
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    As simple as the particle test is, it's REALLY well done.  I like how it starts very readable, then falls apart, with variation to the particles so some bounce more heavily while others fall and dissipate while still in the air.  Very cool!

    The in-progress bit from FOTR is also coming along nicely!  I agree the whip pan could use more work.  One tip I picked up from watching this video is to include a little overshoot/bounce at the end of the movement when faking a whip pan.  (Jump to about 6:05 to see the relevant portion.)


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    @jsbarret - Thanks! That's a neat tip for the whip pans. I'll test that out some time this week.

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    Hey everyone! I am thinking about starting a new "studio", called Excalibur Entertainment. I've been trying to make a good intro for a while, and this is what I've come up with:

    What do you think?

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    @DIY_Film_Guy I like it.  At first I was a little disconcerted by there being two Exaclibur's (There can be only one!...Wait. wrong franchise there. )  And I wondered about what it would look like with a different sword to cross Excalibur and then I wondered about the second sword floating down from above and if it wouldn't look more in keeping with the theme if the second sword was sort of point to the camera and then swung up fast to cross Excalibur with a clang of crossed swords. 

    You have really nice texturing on the letters, and these are just random stuff that flitted through my mind as I watched it several times; not in any way suggestions or critiques.

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    @tddavis - Thanks! I forgot to  mention that I haven't done any sound effects yet, but there will be sort of a scrape sound when excalibur is drawn from the stone.

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    It looks pretty nice, but as tddavis said: one Excalibur.

    What about it thunking down into the letter 'I'? 

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