File sizes become too large after editing

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble exporting my video. The original file is 738mb, but when I export it, it turns out to be 99gb. The video is only 16mins. What am I doing wrong?


- Matt


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    Well. What is your source footage from? I'm guessing a screen capture recording since 738MB over 16 minutes is about 6 mbps.

    What is your Export Template? Given the large file size I guess Cineform, Prores or even Uncompressed AVI.

    You'll need to review your Export Settings. You probably should export mp4 if you're trying to keep file size down. 

     Now, this video is more about optimizing video before import into Hitfilm, but it also explains the difference between an editing codec (large file sizes) and delivery codec (small file sizes). It also shows how to use MediaInfo to check your footage. Bear in mind there's a good chance if you compress your edited footage to the same size as your raw, it's going to look terrible for reasons given in the video.

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    Exporting is Fun, but yes, you must triple-check the final Output Source settings.

    Once complete, I check the Original File Size (usually 60mb+)
    Facebook and Twitter only allow Xmb.  True.

    Here's My Fix.  WarningYour experience with this Product may not be the same as mine


    Open Source Video Transcoder

    1. Export from HitFilm using Steps Above or how it works for you
    2. Open Handbrake and locate File to Compress
    3. Check Cropping on First Page - Auto will cut your Film - Use Custom to Zero all Margins
    4. Check your Output Source (Various Devices, Various Formats)
    5. Compress with Web Optimization
    6. Reference Filesizes
    7. Repeat if Neccessary

    With these Steps, I can tell Handbrake, this Film is a 10min (OP said 16 min) Gmail Film.
    Email usually kicks out at 25mb, USUALLY.  Handbrake compresses to that Point and Beyond.

    My Exports are 50mb+ (Not alot until you need to send and not post)
    Using Handbrake right after Hitfilm, again It took a few tries to get my Settings right...I achieved Correct Filesizes

    Lossless Video Compression

    ex., 500mb optimized to 25mb for FB/Twitter/email
    ex., 50mb optimized to 2mb

    DISCLAIMER:  This May or May not work for you.  It solely depends on you and your Project.  This is not my Program, I make no claims, warranties or guarantees for your Project/Design

    It works for me.

    e.g., My Latest Project  --  Lucazi Heat started as 40 sec 52mb Export from Hitfilm

    Open Handbrake, Used Gmail 3min Compression with Margins set to Zero

    Handbrake Export Finalized  --  40 sec 1.6mb Lossless


    Hope this Helps.

    Rone aka Battleborn
    Battleborn Productions

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    I had the same file size issues. Thank you  for sharing this information.