Volume control?

I know it's probably looking me in the face, but how do I turn the volume down for the entire project? Have searched the help, hotkeys and this forum and still can't find it. @-) For now, I've been turning the computer volume down. :ph34r:


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    The db levels are in the controls menu, next to project settings. Also , there are no stupid questions. The technical help forum is there specifically for these types of questions.
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    Not sure if I found it or not. I see the db level under "Properties" on the "controls" tab, but that is for each separate piece of sound that I have added from what I can tell. Is there a way to control the over all volume of the project without having to change each audio clip?
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    No, the audio level for each clip has to be adjusted separately. If you want everything to be quieter, just turn down your computer speakers.
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    OK, Thanks Axel. My speakers are built into the monitor, so it's a little bit of a hassle if I change it there, but not a big deal. If I use the computers volume control and forget to turn it back up, then the wife and kids wonder why the sound is so low and I have to turn it up for them. 8-| :P
    Thanks for the db level info. I had not noticed that before and had been adding the "channel levels" effect to each audio clip to set it's volume, so what you showed me will eliminate the need for that.
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    This is why the audio is usually separate. That way the audio including all your sound fx are all balanced in the mix and synced in post.
  • How do I raise the volume of the Audio?

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     @iRoyaltii, I am not very well versed in all the Hitfilm possibilities, but I have found 2 ways to adjust the audio tracks in my playing with the software (Hitfilm Pro 4):

    1) That thin blue line that runs through the audio track can be moved up and down with left click and hold on the mouse but it doesn't lend to subtle adjustment very well.

    2) With the audio track selected go to the controls panel and select properties and there is a slider that gives you a digital read out of decibels.

    I am sure one of the more advanced posters here probably know a better method, though.  Hope I have helped in some way though.



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    I'm just curious, are you able to replace audio files? I keep having one connected to my video footage, but I always have my audio turned off that way I can record without having any sound until I add my own music audio in it, but I don't have to do it, does anyone know how to do it? 


    Edit: (Never mind I figured out how to do it)

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    @CursedManga Please reveal your solution so it will help others.  I'm assuming  you wanted a different audio track.  So, you Unlink, then delete the audio track and can then drop in a new one?

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    omg i fegured out how the audio volume works

    so if you dont know 

    the line that goes across the file you add to the sequence is the volume thingy

    legit just raise it high or low :)

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    how do i change the volume for video audio i look in the control for the db levels but there's nothing there so i go click on my audio clip(no video)then go to mycomputer volume and turn it down but it still didn't someone help me pls

  • Incredible, so basic, the Trimmer Panel doesn't have volume control.

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    @OscarUnique The Trimmer panel is for trimming the length of a clip.  The volume level is set after you add the item to the timeline.  Setting the volume before adding it to the editor doesn't make sense to me because the item's volume should be set based on its mix with other items, not in isolation before it's added to the timeline.

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    @OscarUnique as Jsbarret notes, the Trimmer window isn't for setting audio levels, merely In/Out points for clips.. 

    Here's just about everything on audio in Hitfilm. 

  • Seems to me the trimmer should have a volume control, even if you are not setting or changing media levels.

    You pop a video to trim, and the audio is too loud, or too soft. You have to lower the volume on your computer to save your ears if loud, or raise the volume to hear audio cues while you trim. Now, you toss it into the timeline, and you can adjust the level...but only after you remember  to readjust your computer speakers?

  • ActionNetwork25 I have seen many fans of Hitfilm which justify many of the deficiencies of Hitfilm and the lack of interest by Hitfilm to attend our demands. So I have just taken this program as it is out of the pro standars because it seem it will never be better than it already is, in fact the new changes it has, should be updates, not upgrades, but it seem they are now orienting the program just to that, to get money from it in exchange to fix those deficiencies. And may be that is why Mocha Pro stills out of the Hitfilm pseudo-videoediting-system

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    I'd like to know what editor has a volume control in the trimmer. I know Vegas 12-14 and Resolve 14 do not. Can't comment on Premiere, Avid or FCP. Resolve does have a mute in the trimmer when used from the Media panel.

    Not that someone cannot make a good argument for the feature. It seems like not much of a thing being called for given it's seeming lack of existence. At least maybe not many calling for it.


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    @NormanPCN There isn't an editor with a volume control in the trimmer that I know of. @jsbarrett touched on the major reason why. To expand on it, audio in the trimmer hasn't been assigned to tracks and/or busses yet making it pretty pointless to make changes to it that early in the game.  

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    @Aladdin4d The only argument that makes any sense to me is one stated by ActionNetwork25. If your recorded levels are really low and hard to hear in the trimmer. It seems to me that if your recorded levels are that low, then bringing them up on the timeline that much will have consequence. Noise/background and such. Which leads back to recording at better levels, which leads to a listening volume in the trimmer being reasonable.


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    @NormanPCN to continue - a listening volume in the trimmer which probably  leads to having to do things twice once the clip is added to the timeline and audio assigned to a track and/or bus. If it's just volume control as opposed to a level control then maybe, but I can think of 6 or 7 ways to adjust the Windows volume off the top of my head. I'm not sure I see the utility of adding another one. 

  • @NormanPCN to continue if you think  of 6 or 7 ways to adjust the Windows volume off the top of your head and not sure You see the utility of adding another one.   Isn't it the same you should see about Hitfilm Itself. There are 6 or 7 video editing programs much better than Hitfilm, what utility do you see of adding another one?

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    Really struggling with this software for building a children's video for our church.  I have several segments from different people and volume requires adjustment and am having a hard time getting that done.   Also having trouble with creating smooth transitions from one video to the next.  Any help asap would be very appreciated.  

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    @seanware On the timeline there is a horizontal line that runs down the length of the audio track.  You can grab and drag that with the mouse to change the volume.  Best option is to go to the Controls tab with the audio track highlited, open Properties and adjust the Level there.  Note that you can keyframe the level to Fade In or Out.

    Or in the Effects tab search for Transitions-Audio.  There you can drag on a Fade effect for fading In or Out.  Alternatively,  when you have two video clips butted up against each other you can drag on the Cross Fade effect to fade from one clip to the other.   Change the length by dragging on the end of the Cross Fade effect.  Hold down Shift and drag to change timing on just one side of the fade.


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    Also, take a look at this video

    Javert covers Transitions at about 5:30. 

    But, definitely recommend viewing all the video on this page. https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express/basics