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Another video app I tried (Openshot) created keyframes in the following manner, and I found it quite intuitive.   Hoping to do the same in Hitfilm, but don't know how.

OPENSHOT:  You advance down the timeline with the playhead, or frame by frame.  At any point along the timeline you grab your clip by the corner handles and re-position, rotate and scale.   You continue down the timeline making those corner handle adjustments at various points as desired.  The app automatically creates the frames in between where you created your keyframes.

ELEMENTS:  As point of contrast, Elements works in a similar way, except that you have to continually switch from position to scale to rotate panels to perform each of those functions.  You get  more control over the keyframes, but it's less intuitive, and more time consuming.

HITFILM:  Can I create animation keyframes in Hitfilm just by manipulating the corner handles of the clip as I proceed down the timeline?   Or, what is the Hitfilm method?




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    Once you have activated keyframing for Scale properties you can just drag corners as you go. If you need to reposition, then also activate keyframing for Position.

    You activate keyframing by clicking the gray circle by those properties in the Controls panel. It turns blue, you're good to go. 

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    Thanks Triem, that's just what I was looking for.   The staff here at Clueless Nube Productions would thank you personally, but they're quite busy now doing the Steve Martin happy feet dance of joy.

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