Looking for a camera + equipment for my job

Hey guys, 

Looking for a camera + equipment for my job. I will be both on the go at events and in studios. I work at an avertidsment company and will mostly shoot locally. They haven't invested in videos before.
Before, I was just given a Nikon SLR (Which was totally useless for video) by my job and they would allow me to get new gear as soon as they were ready. And that is now,

I will also be doing some TV-spots/commercials a few times a year but they don't have to be top quality. It's got to have some of the basic features working well like ISO control, white-balance and steadyshot/stabilizer. I am probably looking for a camcorder, but I honestly do not have much experience with actual camera gear. Filming has always been a hobby to me and been doing so with whatever I had. 

The other things I would be looking for would be a good microphone for it and a tripod. 

Any of you guys here who can help me out looking? Would love some imputs! 


  • Palacono
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    Which videos have you watched on YouTube covering this subject that have allowed you to narrow down your choices? Have you got a budget?

  • I have no budget, no. 
    The thing is watching YouTube videos has gotten me that far. I lack knowledge :D
    Ended up on some Panasonic Camcorders. Example, Panasonic AG-UX180. I would really love just different options in different price ranges. My job will pay for it all after all, but it's still important that I don't overdue it. It has to be something a student like me can operate and get good outputs. 

  • Triem23
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    Important thing is "what's your budget?" Once I know that, I'll have suggestions. 

    FWIW you're probably spot on when you say you'll need a camcorder. DLSR/MFT or Cinema Cameras can generate lovely images, but it sounds like speed is a priority, and, for that, you still can't beat a camcorder with good manual controls. 

  • Alright, let's say it is 4.500 U.S. dollars max..

  • Triem23
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    Panasonic Dvx200 $3200 at Adorama. Leaving you over a grand for bags, batteries, audio and lighting. 

    https://www.adorama.com/us 906289.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0ejNBRCYARIsACEBhDPwWhwzkSWb97ADU4pbZUrkcUYzqxWVbWaeZiKtv-5SonMbqaVAYEEaAhAAEALw_wcB

    That's cheaper than a new Ux-180 for its stronger, sexier sister from a reputable dealer at an excellent quality. 

    Others may have differing  recommendations, but an ENG camera is actually pretty flexible to shoot with and has all the essential controls on nice, clicky switches. The lens has a very useful zoom range. This camera has a 4/3" sensor for reasonably shallow DoF and a 200Mb/s all-I codec that holds up pretty well in grading. My favorite cameras to work with for about 15 years have all been Panny's. 

    This is a random review:



  • Thanks for that Triem. I'm looking further into it right now. 

  • Can you help me find a bag and tripod for the Dvx200 ?

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    A used Manfrotto is probably a good place to start. Stick to aluminum for now, it's reasonably cheap, though heavy. I don't much like Manfrotto overall because the ergonomics are pretty mediocre and the new NitroTech heads aren't solid enough for field use.

    Benro also makes some good gear that's surprisingly inexpensive. When you're ready to go pro, look into the nice stuff like Miller, O'Conner, FlowTech, and such. (I'm using a Really Right Stuff leg set with a Manfrotto NitroTech head, and while I love the RRS legs, the head has been a major let down.)

    When you're ready to do audio at higher quality, I'd recommend an Aputure Deity (that was a pleasant surprise sound wise) plus a Rode wireless lav kit.