How do I get all the Viewer tools?

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Morning, just working on the demo at the moment alongside the video 'Create Layered Compositions'. I don't appear to have the icon to the left of my Viewer to create a quick Garbage Matt. All I have is the Selection and Hand Tool. All of my available panels are selected.
Also, I've looked through the list of presets amd can't find any laser or lightsword presets. Do you have to create them from scratch now.?
Many thanks and congratulations on releasing HitFilm..!


  • SimonKJones
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    It sounds like you're in the Editor sequence. To create masks and do more complex VFX you need to first create a composite shot. Check this out for an intro:

    Once you're into a composite shot timeline you'll be able to do more VFX stuff. :)
    We'll get a video tute on lightsabers done ASAP, but here's a quick overview:
    1. Create a white plane the same size as your comp.
    2. Set the plane's opacity to 0% (this makes it invisible while you draw the lightsword).
    3. Add a freehand mask and roto the lightsaber.
    4. Set the opacity back to 100% so you can see the white core of the effect.
    5. Add the neon glow effect to the plane.
    Ta-da! :)
  • TheRealJayWalker
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    Awesome thank you Simon
  • adam
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    Could there be an update that has preset lightsabers somtime in the future?