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I have looked for ages, but I need help!
Can you guys send links to me for a cheap desktop pc (just the tower) that can run softwares such as after effects, final cut, hit film, photo shop etc, thanks guys!


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    Hi - you probably need to specify a bit more (like budget). Also, final cut is MAC only and hit film is PC only. If you really want to have both, you'd need to get a MAC and bootcamp it (so it can boot into Windows too).
    In general, I'd say: go for an I7 if you can afford it (I5 if your budget doesn't allow). Buy as much RAM as you can afford (especially things like After Effects really benefit from this). If you're into the whole Adobe Suite, including Premiere Pro, then I would really advise to go for an NVIDIA graphics card that would allow you to utilise CUDA in Premiere Pro (but check the minimum specs).
    Also, go for Win7 64bit (if you go the non-MAC route) as that will allow you to use more than 4GB of RAM. Also, some of the Adobe software is 64bit only (like Premiere Pro CS5.5 and After Effects CS5.5)
    Sorry, I don't have any links; if you have a low budget I'd advise self-build (more bang for the buck). If you don't have the technical know-how, ask a tech savvy friend or a local PC shop. However, if you can afford it, have a specialist build it for you.
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    Make sure you got the right kind of graphics card, Hitfilm runs manily off of the Graphics card, is what I was told by the HF staff.... Not sure where you live, but walmart has a great Dell tower for around $299.00 or $399.00 USA dollars and has a lot of power. I would stay away from HP, that is just me, had a HP and it was junk. Good luck!
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