Gun Props?

This may not be the right place for this question, but I was hoping that some experienced film makers could help me out with this. I am working on a kind of sci-fi thriller short film, and I need guns (as most good movies do). As far as I can tell, the best way to go for prop guns is airsoft. However, from my research, for a good blowback handgun, I would have to pay about $80. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative? Thanks a lot.


  • KahvehRobinett
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    80$ is about what to expected for a blow back airsoft gun. But what you can do for cheep airsoft pistols is paint it black ( please be aware that this is illegal 8-| ) and then just treat it like a real gun while filming and when you are editing the video take a screen shot of the gun fight take the picture into Photo shop and mask out the slide. Then go back to your editor import the picture and place it on the video right over where the slide should be on a real gun when it fires.
    Tats all the advice I can give other wise you are looking at about 80$ to 120$ for a realistic looking fake gun. There are also some websites that rent out prop movie guns.
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    If your in the UK. you can actually get some pretty good stuff on though they dont stay on there long.
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