market form for hitfilm clips and hitfilm developers

earl Website User Posts: 11
I'm licensing hitfilm for enhancing videos. The learning curve is deep enuf so I don't have time to get up to full speed.
Is there a hitfilm forum developers marketplace where hitfilm developers can bid/offer on special effects projects?
Maybe developers can sell prebuilt clips where the buyer can just change a few items or tweek it also.
If not there should be. Can you create a forum dedicated to this market?



  • Prospero
    Prospero Website User Posts: 127
    Some members offer things for sale but many offer things for free too. The forums are where we try and help everybody out so they all enjoy using Hitfilm. It is a great place for the exchange of ideas, images and creativity. Don't know if my reply helps but I hope I've captured what the forums here are about and its based on my own experiences :D
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