How do I use the displacement filter?

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I have been messing around with the demo and I have been unsuccessful with adding a displacement map to an effect. The displacement says "Layer Only" next to it. Does this mean that it can only be added to a 2d effect or layer?


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    There are two types of timelines in HitFilm. The main timeline that you see when you open the software is the Editor, which is track-based. Each track can contain as many individual clips as you like. The second type of timeline is a Composite Shot, which is Layer based. Virtually all effects work will be handled within Composite shots. So, to add displacement to a clip, you will add it to the Editor, then right-click the clip and convert it to a Composite Shot. This will open a new timeline in a tab.
    Any effects with the "Layer Only" designation can only be used on layers, which occur within Composite Shots. They cannot be applied to clips in the main Editor timeline. Whether the layer is 2D or 3D doesn't matter, you just need to be in a composite shot in order to use that effect.
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    Always the best info out there! Thanks.

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