Short Films

Shorts. The most affordable, easy and most efficient way to tell a visual story is through short films. Most of us make these as low budget film makers. It flexes more muscles than feature films we see in cinemas then and now. There are different principles to consider due to time limits as long as 15 minutes to 60 seconds:
* Key scenes
* A handful of characters
* A simple plot line
A simple plot doesn't mean it is unoriginal, nor does it mean it has to be as straight forward like a western. As I am nearing the completion of pre-production for my HSC short film, I just liked to share my outlook on these kinds of films we've all been making since we were kids. The only way to be successful in this industry is to climb the ladder, but when there are no have to jump.
Don't do what I am about to ask you for me, but for the whole friendly community of Hitfilm and so forth. My HSC film entry has been in writing since 2009. From a cliche karate kid rip off to, what I hope to me, a more intelligent expression of how our childhood scars us. I won't reveal too much of my story, but here are a few dot points:
- Simon is in the bathroom, looking at the reflection of a weak person. Images of a threat; Troy, make him punch the mirror and think the power of the fist can shatter our troubles.
- He pursues martial arts but does so terribly. We see Simon get ambushed by Troy and suffer a serious beating to show the gravity of heartless amusement.
- Simon tries to step up, but the price is a change of personality. He transforms into an independent but inconsiderate person.
- He successfully predicts Troy's next ambush and unleashes his rage in the form of rapid punching and so forth to release the pain he once had inflicted on himself.
- Simon witnesses Troy's dad abusing him, he realizes that we all have troubles. At school, everyone is on Troy's side and neglect Simon, his downfall.
- Back in the bathroom, Simon simply hits his head on the table.
Please provide your opinion on that simple plot summary, but also for the benefit of others, provide your outlook on short films like I did with key scenes and so on.