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Hey guys, guess this is where all the cool people went. Which explains why no one TOLD ME. B-)
(Btw, thanks Biblmac)
Thought I'd post what I posted at FXHome.
It's for a contest we shot for 2 weekends ago. A few notes, the film was a different kind of film and the theme isn't one I really liked in the first place, but it's always good to try something new.
I'd love to hear what you think, and as always ask away!
I do hope you guys enjoy it!
Main channel:
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Edit: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Screenshots below.



  • DanielGWood
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    Hey FC, welcome to the forums!
    Sorry you didn't find us sooner, we've tried to plug HitFilm on FXhome as much as possible, but people keep escaping it :)
    I'll give your video a watch later, just a quick note though: you can embed directly into the post if you like. Just put the video URL on a line on its own in any post. See this thread for more details.
  • F.C.Rabbath
    F.C.Rabbath Website User Posts: 50
    Thanks for the welcoming man!
  • NuttyBanana
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    Great short. I don' even usually make it through a few minutes of these but I don't know where the time went with this one. Everything was solid and the single 1 thing I may have done differently was the voices. I'd have still done something to set them apart from human but that particular effect felt off, and seems as though it works for some things better than others. Overall though I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.
    How did you do in the competition by the way?
    Also just a heads up - this forum isn't nearly as active as FXhome used to be so don't worry if the replies don't flow in :D
  • F.C.Rabbath
    F.C.Rabbath Website User Posts: 50
    Thanks NuttyBanana! We used logic for the sounds :)
  • Aculag
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    Overall this is one of your best works. Really top notch cinematography and sound. You really know how to create a mood with your images, and you definitely had me going until people started "acting". As you know, I've always felt that the acting in your films is the only thing stopping them from being first class material, and this is no different. Your actors in this are d-grade, and turn the whole thing into schlock when I get the feeling that isn't especially what you were going for. As it stands, this can be seen as either an over-produced pastiche of Ed Wood and Co., or it can be seen as a beautifully shot, but laughable attempt at horror. I seem to recall you saying once before that your actors are just friends and neighbors. Am I misremembering that, or is that still the case?
    But like I say, everything else about this is just genius, so I can't fault the acting too much on an otherwise excellent production. It's just that someone as talented as you are deserves actors who actually know what they're doing on camera. *shrug*
  • F.C.Rabbath
    F.C.Rabbath Website User Posts: 50
    Hey Aculag! Glad to see you on here too!
    Thanks for the review. I think the biggest issue is money. Getting an actor to do free work is hard. Getting a GREAT actor for free is...well...impossible/rare/etc. However I think my actors aren't THAT bad, but hey thanks for your two cents :) You've definitely inspired me to go look for more actors!
    Also did you see Playing it safe?

    Would love your thoughts on that one too!
    - Fred
  • Max
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    I really, really liked this one Fred, my favorite film of yours without a doubt.
    The cinematography is great, as are the locations. I like how the visuals reference old vampire and Universal monster movies in an ironic, playful way and I think that the knowingly cheesy tone works really well here, because it isn't scary, it's fun.
    I understand Aculags points about the acting, but I don't agree that it was terrible. I think that it is definitely hammy and exaggerated, but it fits the concept and the tone so it works.
    I think the editing could be a little tighter, and the young girl is the low point mainly because her behavior and manner is so strange and her character so abnormal and without context that she undermines the story. For example, the main woman is supposed to have babysat for her, therefore she would know her parents and have their phone number, yet she doesn't try to contact them before venturing into the vampires house, why? Also, are the vampires supposed to have found her after the car crash that killed her parents and turned her? If so then why do they talk about how they don't drink human blood? Or was she a vampire anyway? The relationships between the characters could do with more context, because as it stands the plot doesn't flow very well.
    But, having said that, visually it's excellent, and it's a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. I love how fast you work and the fact that you turn stuff out so regularly, it's inspiring.
    Good work, looking forward to more.
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