low quality blurry footage canon 600d



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    Well thanks to everyones advice it all went fine.
    I looked at your capture, and it seems that you're trying to create a "TechniColor" effect? If that's what you WANTED it to look like, then by all means proceed. Artistic license ALWAYS transcends the rules.
    However, unless you wanted it, the orange cast is due to the camera's white balance setting at the time of filming. WB is simple to understand. "warm" light is in the red/yellow zone, and "cool" light is in the blue/green zone.
    So you simply have to tell the camera what color the light is.
    Maintaining focus with a real camera, as opposed to a camcorder, is something that every filmmaker struggles with. I have a 600D, and I attached a thick rubber band to the focus ring so I don't have to feel for it while filming.
    Focus following is a definite skill, like golf, that requires much practice. You just have to keep at it. Try filming birds flying by or cars passing or something like that.
    AFA exposure, imagine a triangle, and the three points are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. And picture yourself as walking around the edge of the triangle, and imagine how the exposure might change as you walk.
    Imagine which point of the triangle you would go to first, for a given scene. They all three offer benefits, but at a cost to the other two.
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