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    I saw M:I4 in 'ETX', because I refused to pay extra for fake IMAX, and I must say while the picture was the same as what was just considered a regular image in my local theater a few years ago- the sound system was massively louder and roaring with great quality. But then again, why shouldn't that be expected of all screens?
    But wasn't 30 minutes of M:I4 shot in IMAX? I remember them talking about how hard it was to shoot the Burj sequence in IMAX and John Knoll talking about the extra effort for ILM to remove wires in IMAX quality.
    As to your last sentence, yes it should. Have you by any chance had the joy of seeing Brave with Dolby Atmos? I'm pretty bummed we'll have to wait until it catches on (if ever) to experience it in Norway.
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    In a month the final of the Avengers will be released. And remember how it all began?) Today I watched the first part, as the first time after such a long break) Someone can advise where there are avengers with the same quality, but I can not find the-avengers