Fight Scene and Free Sound Effects

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Hello Hitfilmers!
This is my first real contribution to the community. I created a short fight scene recently. See it here:
Anyway, the reason I call this a contribution is because for this project, for the first time, I created sound effects from scratch. After filming I deleted all the sound from my video and created all the sound effects you hear, (not the music). Anyway, I have set up a place where you can download some fight sound effects I created for this project and some other sounds I created for fun.
I do plan on continually adding to this sound effects package. Currently I think there are close to 40 sounds. As I make more sounds I'll update this thread to give you all a chance to get the new ones. Anyway, I hope someone can get some use out of these sound effects! Enjoy!
[size=1]As you will find in the folder you download, you do NOT have to credit me in anyway for the use of these sound effects and they can be used for any project, comercial or private. All I ask is that you please don't sell them. If you want to give them away for free, that is fine, but don't sell them. Thanks.[/size]


  • StrikeEmStudios
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    Nice sound effects, I checked them all out and can see a lot of them coming in handy. Yet another great free contribution. I'm thinking there should be a sticky thread with links to all the free stuff people add so it's not lost in the future.
    As for the video, the image is a little flat and personally theres a few too many cuts, i can see you were going for the Borne style of editing but there was information that was lost. The two people would split apart and suddenly the opponent would appear behind them, worst offence being the tackle where the guy hit the garage door then miraculously was free in the next shot; it was generally quite difficult to follow as it looks as if you broke the 180 degree rule a few times.
    Looks like filming was pretty difficult as the room looks quite full so i can understand how you could break a few rules.
    keep up the good work, especially on the sound - that was the strongest part.
  • StormyKnight
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    Nice fight scene. I thought it looked pretty real- not like some of the old TV shows I've been watching as of late. And the sound FX were superb! I hope to download them and use them sometime and if I do, I WILL credit you just so credit is given where credit is due and besides-- it beefs up the credits. ;)
    Thanks for the contributions!
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    @StrikeEmStudios, Yes, the idea was to make a Bourne style fight. The fight scene was created a couple weeks ago. I edited a rough cut around then and realized that I didn't have all the footage I needed to make it seamless. I didn't want to scrap the project simply for some continuity issues so instead I used it as a way to show off the sound effects. So I knew about the problems but decided to release it anyway if for no other reason to show what can be done with the sound effects I'm giving away. I used my Canon ZR800, a four year old miniDV camera I believe. It isn't great quality hence the rather poor image. I'm glad you liked the sound effects though ;)
    @StormyKnight, thanks! I'm glad you liked them.