Trying To Add A Shadow - Help Please!

Ok, I got this scene where a bank is getting ready to be robbed. We can't see the perps face, but we see his shadow, and it's supposed to be menacing. Trying to figure out how to composite a shadow to the scene, or will it be to just go out and film?


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  • ZedFable
    ZedFable Posts: 134 Just Starting Out*
    Well, if you shot the bank robber separately on a green screen, you could probably use that as a good source for a shadow, but if you didn't that really wouldn't be to practical because you'd have to painstakingly rotoscope the guy out to create a good source for the shadow.
    As far as easy, my money is on shooting it for real. Good luck!
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Yeah, just filming the shadow is likely to be the easiest, quickest, and look far better. It depends on the exact shot of course, how tricky compositing the shadow will be, but extracting the shadow so you have one to composite in could be quite tricky in itself. And since you will need to film a shadow anyway, I'd just do it in the scene, so no compositing is required.