Hey film makers i have just launched my website The website will allow film makers to audition there rolls on line and allow actors to auditiion by uploading there video auditiion for that roll. Please help me spread the word about my website. is an online interactive community for the acting & arts industry. It is designed to bring Irish performing talent together within the arts & entertainment industry. The objective is to develop this online community where up and coming producers or casting agent’s can find the actors or actresses they need, and where actors/actresses can showcase their talent to companies through their profiles.

The online service will be developed where all members will be able to create their own profile. These profiles will vary for the different members; from actor to producer. The community will also provide visibility for those that work in the background of the industry and make it what it is today. Not only will we provide an online service where people can showcase their talents or access potential jobs, but will also provide the actual service of filming auditions or shoot photos for a cost effective price.

Imagine that you are a producer or production company who has just obtained funding for a film project. Where do you start? You need 25 actors, make-up artists, sound & lighting engineers, etc, enough to have a small crew to complete your project. will essentially provide all of this for you at the click of a button. puts you in a position to post your audition to our online community, where interested members can literally upload and post their video audition in response. A producer or director can then view these posted auditions and can shortlist their candidates. No more long hours sitting through auditions. That producer or director has cut down the amount of time and money spent within minutes! If you are someone who wants to apply for an audition but does not have the resources to create your audition monologue/video, we will provide that service cost effectively. The benefit of this is that you can work on a number of takes and choose the one you are happy with before applying for that audition you want.

As you may know, it is difficult for an actor within the industry as they have to spend 2-3 years building up their show reel in order to attract attention from an agent. This is time consuming and at a cost to the actor (e.g. spending thousands on courses, working for free, filming auditions, creating show reels, etc) without anything in return initially.

This concept could create employment and prosperity, by revitalising and revolutionising an industry that is admired for its talent & appeal but can be despised because of how difficult it is to break into. It will allow anyone in this industry to connect with each other instantly and is flexible as it can be accessed anywhere. I want this to be an online community, where not only people will find work, but where people that are members of it can share their knowledge and expertise with others, to expand their learning and grow. I want to emphasise education and training within this industry also.

Ireland is the ideal location for my proposal because during the current economic climate, the performing arts and entertainment industry have individuals that are now struggling more than ever to make ends meet. This country has a lot of talented performers looking to follow their ambitions. Recession brings opportunity as more people may be inclined to ‘follow their dreams’. My proposal would open the door within Ireland but could also present international opportunities, whether it leads to helping our people find jobs here, or even abroad.

During recessionary times, the value of the entertainment industry increases – it is no coincidence the numbers of people going to the cinema or renting a movie is greater when times are bad. People want to have their spirits raised, to take their minds off their troubles, to be given hope, and above all to be entertained. will play a part in contributing to this – giving artists the opportunity to showcase their talents, and exhibit their abilities to the country. And some day when becomes successful, we will connect our community to their counterparts around the world and beyond.

For every successful actor like Colin Farrell or Daniel Day Lewis, there are thousands more that have not been given an opportunity to shine. will give anybody that opportunity.

Let’s show the world just how talented our performing arts and entertainment industry is.

Paul Kelly


  • ZedFable
    ZedFable Posts: 134 Just Starting Out*
    Wow- very ambitious, but I love this idea. Your description though leaves me a little confused on some things.
    You sometimes mention Ireland and Irish talent, but you also use the word international. Is this a worldwide kind of thing, or is it a no-Americans-need apply kind of Ireland exclusive? People of part Irish lineage (like myself)?
    Additionally, I didn't quite spot the business model. Is it a charge for actors to put up their work or create a profile? For content creators? Or both?
    Like I said- great idea! Just curious about the specifics.
  • Hey Zed
    Its for everybody and its free. I am not good with writing and words so I had a friend write it up. My spelling doesnt be the best lol. My aim is to take the first stage of the audition process on line saving time on casting and travel.
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