Anyone using Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite ?

I just purchased Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite.
And installed it. Then i started it and tried to look for the NewBlue effects, that were supposed to be included, but alas, I could not find them!
Anyone experienced the same? Is there a seperate download and install of the NewBlue FX's ?
I have sent a support ticket to Sony , but no reply yet, it seems to take a while to get support from them.
I hope someone here on the forum, can give me some insight to a possible solution. 8-|


  • DreamArchitect
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    if I remember rigth at least with version 10, it's a separate install and it might even have a separate serial number. Have you checked the other options on the main installer screen?
  • VikingFilm65
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    I have installed it two times, and not seen any references to NewBlue FX. I do have a serial number for it, that I got from Sony Vegas website (my account).
    Ok, here is info from Sony Vegas website:
    How do I install New Blue VideoFX MSP for use within Vegas Movie Studio Platinum?
    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum includes the NewBlue VideoFX MSP series of plugins.
    To install, you need two things:
    1) The Vegas Movie Studio Installation Disc.
    2) The serial number for the product. You can find the serial number on the NewBlueFX card that is included with your product.
    To install, put the Installation Disc in your computer drive. It should open a menu with a series of options. Click on "Install NewBlue MSP Effects and Transitions." When it asks for a serial number, enter the serial number from the card.

    Problem is I purchased the download version, and not the disc version. Sony should at least let you download the ISO image of the disc... Aargh!!
  • HMF
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    It looks as if you could download it from here:
    The file you get seems to be for both the titler and the effects. Haven´t tried it, though.
  • VikingFilm65
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    @HMF: Great find! I will definitly try that when I get home from work! :)
    *UPDATE*: Yes, downloading that specific file worked wonders! Have installed the NewBlueFX and tried them in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD now.