Help my school win Hit Film!

Hello everyone,
I recently entered in a photography contest to earn $500+ dollars for my school. If I win, my Audio/Video my teacher will purchase two copies of Hit Film for use at our editing rooms. I think HitFilm would make a valuable asset to the videos we make in class.
The winner is determined by the # of likes tagged to the photo through Facebook. I need as many as I can get to win!
If you vote for my picture shown below and "Like It" on Facebook, I will add you as a friend on MY Facebook! [Braden Preston]
Remember to LIKE the PHOTO, not the album or profile
Again I need as many as I can to help my school win!

Thanks again for helping my school get HitFilm!
Vote HERE!


  • Andrew
    Andrew Posts: 378 Enthusiast
    Great to see Texas student filmmakers taking some initiative on something like this, BP- good luck!
    If you don't mind me asking, where are you located? Our team works out of Dallas and Austin, and it's always fun to see young up-and-coming filmmakers in and around the area.
  • Fort Worth / Crowley, Texas
  • I go to a Crowley ISD that opened up a new technology center. We have a new film clas that I am a big part of. We work with nice cameras and video software from autodesk and adobe. I would really appreciate if the HitFilm community helped pitch in a vote for me so that my school can win some money for HitFilm. All you have to do is login on Facebook and like the PHOTO that i submitted by going to the link above! Please hurry! The deadline for voting is this Friday!