Will there be a HitFilm Cinema?

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I may have missed it, but will there be a cinema on the Hitfilm site?


  • IamJoshuaDavies
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    We are aiming to have a much closer integration with YouTube while also enabling much better embedding of movies from Vimeo and YouTube in the forum itself. :)
  • Sounds good, thanks
  • Prospero
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    Still enjoy the cinema idea as a central location even if its just for links with a short description of film or clip.
  • chadp
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    I agree with Prospero. It would be great to have a cinema like location where we can go to one place to see all Hitfilm created video's. I used to come to Fxhome to see the excellent video's users were putting out with the Posters, reviews and such and I think if this is not a part of Hitfilm.com it would be a step back considering what you seem to be wanting to try to accomplish with the community. It was great to be able to sort and view video's in one place. Besides seeing the link for Prism on the blog i wouldn't have known about it to view. I have been around since alamdv ver1, and how the cinema tied into the community was what made me coming back to the website to view video's and program updates even though i may not have had time to produce much, 3 jobs tend to get in the way hehe.
    Is there a place where we can see, like Prospero said, see a brief synopsis and a link to the Youtube videos at the minimum for all Hitfilm Video's
    On Another note I have downloaded and have been using the Demo and I must say the software is AMAZING!! As soon as i get my Bonus i am purchasing. I can't wait until the promised other features, Object based tracking being at the top of the list make this already Outstanding program even better.
    Keep up the great work.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    How about just a "Cinema" forum. That way everyone knows where the posts are while still keeping the same forum layout that everything else is in?
  • Aculag
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    I think a Cinema forum is a great idea. The Filmmaking forum is great for discussion about the creation of films, but a Cinema forum would allow for dedicated discussion to finished products.
    With this magical new forum, I'm sure people will be able to make some pretty spiffy threads for their movies, as well.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Let's hope the web developers pay attention to this thread ;)
  • TobiasWalsh
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    We definitely want to bring back the cinema in some form. We're currently considering how we can reduce/eliminate the waiting time for new submissions, as that's always been a pain for everyone involved. We're thinking we might do a two-tier system where all movies are instantly accepted, and then the popular movies are manually promoted to an area where they'd get more exposure. This seems to work quite well on other websites.
    Obviously implementing anything like that will require a lot of work (and therefore time), so I definitely like the idea of a dedicated cinema forum in the meantime. We are being a little cautious about fragmenting the forums too much at the start (we don't want lots of empty ones), but I think once a few new movies start appearing in the filmmakers forum then we'll certainly consider spinning them off into their own forum.
  • Andrew
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    Like I mentioned in beta testing, I think a link to movie threads by authors and/or 'production comosnies' (like mine and Ben's 'Atomic') would do well to be listed on member profiles, if that's a considerable solution.
    I also really like the notion of a free-flowing cinema where only top staff choices and/or 'quality' picks are done with screening, and everything else can be put up as easily as YouTube. Though I know even that could take considerable time and development to get right.
    Accordingly, I think an (at least temporary) Cinema forum is a fantastic idea. Add it in, let people have a place to transition from behind-the-scenes creation in Filmmaking to a forum for discussion and exhibition of a finished product, literally. As if it were, I'm fact, in the 'cinema'.
  • davlin
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    One of the major pulls for FXHome was the cinema,at least for me,so lets hope this can be continued in one form or another.
    The excitement of having your movie on FXHome was second to none,even if it was slammed so please try and do what you can.
  • Can movies still be submitted to the FxHome cinema? I have a film I made using VisionLab for the effects. I wasn't sure if I should post it on this site, since I didn't use HitFilm.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    You can post it here, we don't mind ;)
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but fxhome's cinema is still up and running and accepting videos, if not, what's the harm in submitting it in the mean time?
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