Using Stock Footage Issues

On a project i have imported some Action Video Essentials Blood Spurts, but the preview then just judders trying to preview play the film clip with it on.
If i click on the eye to hide the stock footage layer the preview is fine, so its having trouble preview playing the stock mov files.
I changed the frame rate of the stock footage to match the project but it made no difference, and the mov files play fine and smooth in quicktime player.
Is there anything i can do to get a smooth preview window working with stock effects?
PC Spec:
Core i7 win 7 64bit
16Gb RAM
GTX 570


  • pscamm
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    Probibly related to the 'codec' used to compress the stock footage to the .MOV wrapper, certainly does'nt look like it's an issue with your Graphics card as it's very high spec, and also your whole system by what you've posted, have you got the very latest drivers installed for your graphics card ???
    If you email the guy's and find out what codec is used to compress the 'Action Video Essentials' footage im sure the Hitfilm Dev's could use this info to optimize the handling of this form of footage in Hitfilm. Post the Codec here if you find out what it is.
    Of course, if there's another logical reason then ignore me completely.
  • Thanks Paul,
    Yeah all the latest drivers, brand new PC.
    According to their website
    Main Video Format: QuickTime RGB + Alpha, Video Codec: PNG
  • There might still be something with your setup.
    I just picked up the Action Essentials 2 pack the other day and have had no problems with the stock footage. Blood everywhere!
    I've also changed the fps on the clips without trouble. (Plays smoothly)
    I'm using these clips in a 720p 25fps project.
    My PC is several years old now.
    Core 2 Quad 2.6ghz (Q9400) CPU
    1gb ATI HD5770 video card
    Windows 7 32-bit
  • AxelWilkinson
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    CranialFan - did you double-check that the drivers are all up to date, or did you just assume so because the PC is new? If you haven't done so, I'd recommend visiting the manufacturer's website to make sure. Even the Windows auto-updater thing frequently misses new versions when they are released, so always make sure you check from the manufacturer's website:
    Maybe you already did this, and if so, great. I just wanted to make sure. Have you also made sure your Quicktime is up to date?
  • Hi,
    Well the company told me they updated all the drivers, and i just checked and they are all up to date.
    I re-installed quicktime but it made no difference.
    Video preview playback is smooth until i add a stock footage effect, then it jumps through playback.
    Anything else it could be??
    Many thanks...
  • Ok, I just figured out the problem.
    I keep all my files on my NAS Server, so they are all backed up.
    I import clips and stock footage from the server.
    I just tried putting a stock effect on my local c:\ drive and import it from there and it works smoothly!
    So I am guessing my NAS box can't stream the mov file quick enough over the network.
    I shall have to make a local copy of all the stock footage :-)
    Many thanks...
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Aha, glad you got it figured out.