HitFilm Ultimate competition!

Hey guys, there's still a few days left to enter out VFX competition. If you win you get HitFilm Ultimate for free - or if you've already bought it, you'll get your money back.
We'd love to see as many of you enter as possible, so check out the details in the video:


  • When is the last time I can put a video in the contest, is it friday night ir when it becomes friday?? Thanks!
  • SimonKJones
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    We're fairly flexible on timing due to international timezones, so it'll definitely be the tail end of Friday rather than the start. :)
  • Majahr
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    Oh...well, it's finished tomorrow? Well, good luck to everyone. Didn't had any time to create some stuff...
  • I meant to ask about this earlier- I bought my software through the wonderful folks over at Tupetape, but it was when they were doing one of their Thursday deals. So, I got my copy bundled with a green/blue screen and a full green body suit for something like $370. What would happen in my case if I won?
    I'm really hoping to enter this contest- my first effect I worked on was probably to ambitious for my experience level with the product, but I'm liking how my plan B is coming along. Crunch time!
  • Hokeb1
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    edited September 2011
    Is there a link to the entry's(I might be overlooking it) for the recent contest? I have looked all over your You Tube page with no luck. If I use search in You Tube I find a couple, but mostly old entry's.
    Thanks in advance
  • SimonKJones
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    Zed - good question! We'd figure that one out when we got to it, I think. :) Looking forward to your entry!
    Hokeb - the list is internal currently, though we've been putting some of them on the HitFilm Select playlist on our YouTube channel.