Modern Warfare: EndGame

My first film using HitFilm ultimate!
A fan film tribute to video game series 'Modern Warfare'.
All filmed in one day this was shot on pretty much no budget apart from what was spent on food and drink for the cast and crew, travelling expenses and the electric to power the editing laptop!
Look out for references to the game such as the first person view and a character healing after taking cover.
The film follows two soldiers who are sent into "EndGame Zone" to put a stop to General Rawi's drug deal. The profit of said drugs would fund Rawi's future terrorist schemes.
The film was cut on Corel Video Studio X4 and the visual effects were done on Adobe After Effects and HitFilm Ultimate.
STARRING George Ambrose, Jake Clarke, Will Key, Jason Parrish, Richard Shaw and Alex Gibbs
SOUND Joe Greenacre, Jake Clarke, Josh Trett
PRODUCED BY Josh Trett, Jake Clarke, Will Key
MUSIC BY Pro Scores, Kevin Mceleod
COSTUMES BY Will Key, Jake Clarke, Jason Parrish, Ricahrd Shaw
a TRETT FILMS production


  • It's stunning, great effort comes great work!!!!!! :D
  • MatthiasClaflin
    MatthiasClaflin Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    This was pretty good. It was better than the average kids with guns videos on youtube but for me, the actors seemed to be holding back. The guy on the roof for instance, didn't seem to be "running" as much as I would think someone would when they are being shot at. I guess there just wasn't much intensity for me. Oh and the shots when the people "missed," seemed obvious. Like before they pulled the trigger I knew they were going to miss. It was a good effort though.