Girl Fight: mini - Fury Road Girls

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Finally! A new short!

This project has now dragged on 6 months longer than expected! It was almost complete when we moved house, but then I didn't get back to it until Christmas. Still one or two bits I would like to clean up, however I'm not sure if I will get back to it now. At some point you have to just 'let it go'. (Sorry, I have 3 daughters)

Like most our shorts, I like to aim a little higher than I should.  Even so, I'm happy with how this came out. I do really like the 'hero jump' bit.

The biggest trouble I had was with the green screening... I'll get it right one day. Things I've learned this time regarding green screening;
- Don't try and green screen through a tinted windscreen. (Crazy I know)
- Don't setup your greenscreen in a dark garage... then film from inside the car. (again, crazy!)

As always, any and all feedback is welcome.


  • Triem23
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    Parenting done right! Your shorts aren't the slickest, but they're always so much fun, and they make me smile and chuckle. I laughed out loud at the face on windshield shot, and I love the fredclips label on the Molotov. Good work--looking forward to your next one.

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    Hey @fredclips good job on publishing some work. Ok it's a bit rough round the edges but I bet you learned tones from it. I loved the bottle effect, that worked well, and your use of the fire effect was good. Bonus points for the little girl on the bonet gag :)

    If there was one area I would improve upon is the sound recording, clearly the echoness of your garage was an issue, you might have been able to clean that up in post, or as they say get it right at source (tricky I know when you have zero budget and access to a recording studio or professional set.

    Anyway I gave you a thumbs up for effort.

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    The face plant was excellent. I saw Fury Road and if they would have done half as good as you did I might have liked it. ;^)

    Loved the first car that exploded for no apparent reason. And what a shot! Right in the head first time! lol The hero jump was great! Then over to the other car. Nice!

    Spill removal would go a long way to eliminate the green spots that show up in reflective material.

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    Triem23 I'm running out of time to make these with all three girls. The oldest is off to Uni next year. Going to have to train-up the little one!

    Regarding the slickness/polish, I could always try to do less ambitious stuff... but I like going a bit nuts! (Go big or go home)  I've always enjoyed creating and I'm just happy to be able to do this stuff with my kids.

    Andy001z About the sound... I have to confess that was probably just slackness on my behalf. I do own a Zoom H1 sound recorder and didn't use it in this case... just getting the two big girls together was like herding cats this time. However, listening to the voices now I'm sorry I didn't!

    StormyKnight I imagined that the first car hit a large rock... just off camera...which then disappeared. (Because... movies!)

    Out of interest, below are a couple of screenshots of the worst of the green screening...  You can see the extra dark tinting looking out the front widescreen in one. The other you can see how I just didn't get the green screen with enough light on it... (Or any light in some points)

    The lesson here, once again, put more effort into capturing your footage! Much, much harder to fix it up later!

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    @fredclips Yeah- pulling the edges apart would clean up those dark spots- they look like wrinkles. Taking an iron to the green screen once in a while helps. Did you look at the matte while editing? The matte can help clean up some of those issues too but not to 100% in all cases. I know you probably don't have a lot of room in your garage judging from pic #1 above. For side shots you may want to put the car across the front of the garage door and the green screen inside the garage- well lit. As a rule of thumb, green screens should be about 6' from the subject. you can always mask whatever doesn't get keyed out around the edges thus you can potentially get larger background coverage using masks. It's trial and error but you didn't do all that bad. We've all gone through the same steps to get things right.

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    Handbrake turn in a Chevy Silverado??  Now I'm speechless......

  • fredclips
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    Aladdin4d  I was aiming for realism! 

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    @fredclips   Would you tell me how you achieved the scrolling ground effect to give the illusion of movement?