There has been a disderbance in the force....

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So, Star Wars is rapidly approaching the point when hopefully a million or so middle aged fans will go “YES THIS IS THE **** we wanted!!!” or something like that. The media today have so far proclaimed that Star Wars is back and with it the re-birth of the practice affect. Until I see the movie I will be able to judge for myself.

So now to tie'fighter' in my title, the disturbance I am talking about it maybe a new era one against the modern VFX movement, computers vs. paint and wood, so does this mean it’s time to put down the mouse and pick up the chisel and brush?

Now before you all go saying, they still used CGI, of I know they did but maybe the movement is towards laying CGI on top of practical, maybe it’s always been this way. Maybe these are the random ramblings of a man in his 40s looking eagerly waiting to feel 11 again.


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    To address the final rhetorical questions, I suspect the balance isis going to shift as much as possible towards practical augmented by VFX. It tends to work best, if for no other reason than you give the actors more to use. And the real sections both help to trip the eye up and give good reference. 

    As far as Force Awakens goes, I am hopeful, but cynical for reasons given elsewhere.

    You are warned. 

    I'll let others see it first, and see the ranking, given here.

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    @Andy001z - I too like films that look real & feel real. Too much CGI can ruin a good thing which unfortunately, is not the way I can work with an up coming project. :^(  I think that's why I didn't like the prequels as much as the original trilogy. It felt too unrealistic. And I'm betting that only a few moments will go by at the start of Force Awakens and you'll be a little kid again. It's magic! It's Star Wars! From everything I've read so far, they have really outdone themselves. One lady's comments I read on some website somewhere said about SW VII,"J.J. Abrams made an old fashioned movie". Maybe film IS better than digital recording much like vinyl is better than CD.

    Psssst- @Triem23 - I don't think rhetorical questions are supposed to be answered (are they?) and you have the name of a terror group in your first sentence.  ;^)        

    Edit: I just noticed the title of this thread. What's a disderbance?!?!?