Almost couldn't get a movie buddy for the midnight session of this. Had to do some talking to get one of my daughters to come. (The other one said 'oh, hell no'.

Got my tickets now for the 2d session on in a couple of hours.

What are others planning to see? 2D or 3D? I am still very much of the opinion that 3D can 'die in a fire'. I've see most the difference styles, including active shutter which is what my local cinema has. I just don't like it. (I also wear glasses, so I don't think that helps)

I very nearly purchased 3d tickets tonight though, the 3D cinema is much nicer than the, almost, 1000 seat 2D screen. But even better seats wasn't enough to get me to a 3d screening!


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    2D will be fine.

    Just remember to rate the new film on the correct rating scale for Star Wars, which, from best to worst, is as follows:


    New Hope




    Ewok Movies

    Phantom Menace

    Holiday Special

  • Happy with that scale, I agree with that in general.

    I'm actually keen for this... even with the disappointment of the last three.

    Going to see it straight away to avoid any spoilers at all! Besides what I'm guessing from the trailers.

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    SO JEALOUS.... enough said.

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    Ok..spolier got me! Har har

  • Back! It's late and I have work tomorrow.

    I'm now busting for a spoiler thread to talk about details! 

    It will be interesting to see what others think...I'm rating it between the prequels and the originals.

    I did enjoy it. My daughter liked it and she knew nothing much about star wars.the crowd seemed into it.

    I was hoping I was going to like it more. More to say, but I'll wait until more people have seen it.

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    I'm waiting 'til the crowds thin a little before I hit a 2D matinee- hopefully with friends- I know my mom will definitely want to go. Do I mix mom and friends? I mixed E.T. with mom and friends at the same time and that was just embarrassing- especially since we  were all tearing up. lol

    I used to like sitting in the front row (still do when I can get away with it) and I remember when I saw Empire for the first time. As Wedge's snow speeder crested large snow covered hills, while looking for Luke and Han, my stomach dropped. It might have been 2D but it sure felt like I was in on the action. It happened a couple other times during the attack on Hoth too. I haven't heard if Force Awakens was filmed in 3D specifically but if it wasn't- skip the extra charge.

     @Triem23 - Kevin McCarthy of had the exact same order for the first trilogy as you. He has now put Force Awakens between New Hope and Jedi. He also gives it a 5/5.

    Out of all the film critics out there he comes closest to the movies I like. And he IS, indeed, a nerd.

    I want a spoiler like that! It would improve the overall look of my '95 Toyota Corolla. I'm passing that link along.


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    It was amazing!!! JJ out did himself. 10/10. Anyone who hasn't seen it yet HAS TO!!!

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    @FilmTech - So was there a coherent story and plotline?

    To an earlier comment I made- it looks like on the trailers they are advertising 3D and IMAX. So maybe it was filmed in 3D. Anyone know for certain?

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    I watched it in 3D and it was so worth it. There was a specific scene where a star destroyer came at the camera and it was so epic in 3D. The story was kind of like Ep 4 in a way but i still loved it!

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    Thanks @FilmTech! I may just spring for 3D then.

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    I suppose the new film Star Wars is good one, except Adam Driver((