Happy Holidays All,

                                    Its good to hear that HitFilm as launched " HITFILM 4 PRO".  Im really diggin its ability to change the direction and playback speed of a clip,  As a musician I have some great ideas for how to use that new feature. Thanks , you guys are awesome.

I wanted let you guys know that since the video I have  recorded an EP that includes 8 banging Rock n Roll songs and with the help of Pledge Music have made it available for pre-order at WWW.PLEDGEMUSIC.COM/PROJECTS/THEBASEMENTTAPES, as well as some other cool exclusives.  Please take the time to check it out and support independent musicians.  Next, will began work on another music video its good to know that HITFILM 4 PRO  gives you the ablity to make longer videos, Im gonna need it.  One more thing , I currently have HITFILM 3 PRO and have been using it to create all of  hot ads and artwork.  The design for the band T- Shirts was done using HITFILM 3 PRO as well.  The exported shot was opened in Coral 7 and a vector image created, and wha-la we now have special made band T Shirts.  Theres no limit to what you can do with this software, let your imagination soar, again thank you  Hitfilm and thanks to all you artist, dreamers, cosmic space heads, movie and video making pioneers, lets keep doing it, and I really appreciate your support.  Keep On Rockin 

                           onELoVe,  PEACE !!!!                                       HitFilmerP