Express for Complete Beginners - Adding Video, Music, Text and Effects.


  • Yeremyah
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    I would really like some opinions or feedback on this video, as I am a complete beginner to HitFilm.


    Thank you :)

  • Andy001z
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    yeremyahhotmailcom Hi, welcome to Hitfilm, your video is nice and clear and easy to follow, I think as a basic intro it certainly covers using the editor side of the software. Really interesting way you approached the software, coming at it from an Editor first rather than a compositor for effects. I'll have to check when I get home, but I thought you could click on the text option and select the little 'Nip' option to draw out a text box then you should see a flashing cursor. The way you did itcertainly gives you a lot of control over each text. I considered if you should not have had one composite shot for the whole titles but then it would have made overlaying them in the right place on the video hard.

    As to the tutorial it was clearly narrated, good pace and did what you said it would.

  • efolve
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    Hi Yeremyah. The absence of a text tool in the editor view had me puzzled also. I never worked out how to do it, so thanks for demonstrating a good technique.

  • Palacono
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    For a complete beginner, the first bit about the console layout might have been a tad confusing.

    If theirs doesn't look like yours, just "play about"?

    How about you saying which of the 4 layouts you were using? You could also have clicked between the others to show them off, then back to the one you preferred for the tutorial. For them to follow the tutorial, they need to have that same layout as you anyway, or have to hunt for things in different places.

    Yes, the Text tool is pretty user-hostile. Well done for figuring it out.

  • Triem23
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    Overall it's a solid tutorial, well presented, clearly explained that achieves it's goal of explaining a lot of Hitfilm's basic concepts in one project. Well done. 

    I agree the console layout section is a bit rough, but Axel did a full tutorial on that. 

    I think you missed an easy shortcut--I think CTRL+dragging media from the bin to timeline is video-only? @SimonKJones I tag thee to sanity check that, and to point out an excellent tutorial to the keeper of the list. Because you don't have enough to do. 

  • While you may be new to this program, it sure seems like you are very comfortable with giving tutorials.

    I liked it because, like Axel's great tutorials, it motivates me to just slap something interesting together and not worry about competing with experts.

    Us noobs really need to chew the elephant in smaller bites. That was a tasty treat, so please keep at it.

  • NormanPCN
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    Hitfilm has text tutorials but they are under the "motion graphics" category. Maybe a "text" category might be more obvious and/or easy for new Hitfilm'ers to find.

    @Triem23 Minor correction. Alt+Drag places video or audio only. While undocumented, using Alt+Drag from the trimmer does the same and uses the trimmer in/out points.

  • Yeremyah
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    Thank you for all the honest and constructive feedback :) I appreciate it a lot.

  • Yeremyah
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    I am soon going to create a video how to create nice end credits using "End Credit Crawls" which is only around $10 :)

    Hopefully it will be helpful for someone.

  • Yeremyah
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    I think that's a good idea Norman, going by the troubles I had figuring out adding text and going by many others who commented on my video, maybe they should create a "text" category?

    Any HitFilm Staff think that's a good idea?