MOV file issues related to orientation


I'd always had performance issues with MOV files output from my iPhone 5s so was pleased to see some recent updates to fix the speed. 


After using the latest version I noticed some odd results where we see the clips are dropped into the media tab. However in some cases the video seems to show a thumbnail which has half of one image and half of another. When the same video is dragged onto the timeline the same display is present.  It's as if HitFilm wants to display something in the whole area and doesn't recognise it's aspect ratio perhaps.

I would attach a screenshot which may make it clearer but couldn't see a way. The insert image option doesn't provide an upload button. Am I missing something?

Appreciate your thoughts or if others have experience of this




  • Aladdin4d
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    To add an image you have to upload to an image sharing service first like PostImage or Flickr.

    iPhone videos are usually variable frame rate which can cause all kinds of weird things in any program like HitFilm that demands a constant frame rate. The following video goes over one way to fix it with Handbrake but there are other tools like VirtualDub and Mpeg Streamclip that will also convert to a constant frame rate and let you transcode to an intermediate codec that's better for editing.


  • Thanks Aladdin,

    Actually I should have mentioned I had tried to convert the MOV file too with other products however they seem to lose the aspect ratio or rather orientation. For example most of the video is taken upright but when I convert it seems to squash it down and not look right when dragged on the timeline.   That's why I was hoping it would be better using the native MOV files.  Do you have experience of this issue and use MOV? Which tool do you prefer?


  • Aladdin4d
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    So when you say upright do you mean vertical? If so that could be an issue too. If you can, DropBoxing a sample clip would help everybody see what's going on.

  • chibi
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    Someone sent me a clip from an iphone in portrait mode. Got the same issue in HF3 pro where the clip is not correctly imported and cropped in half. Vegas imported the clip correctly and its showing in portrait with no cropping.

    Wonder if this issue is fixed in the latest version of HF?

  • Palacono
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    If you have the offending clip, you could try it with Hitfilm Express 2017 and let us know. ;)

  • chibi
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    Its working with express 2017. The video is not cropped anymore. 

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