Update 3.1.4724 confusion.

GilC Posts: 2

When I start HF3 Version 3.1.4321.38200 I am advised of an update available to Version 3.1.4724. I have downloaded and installed the update but when starting HF3 the version is still 3.1.4321.38200!

The file that is downloaded is HitFilm3Pro_3_1_4724_1542_win.zip.

I have HF3 installed on my D: drive. When install is run it only refers to plugins for HF3 and there is a plugins folder at C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Plugins with some updated files.

Just curious as to why the version is not being updated and if I got a complete update when I downloaded the file using the download link provided.



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