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  • I have a question about this, whenever I try to export the video and it exports successfully, the file size for it is 15.1 GB for a 6 minute video.

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    @KulDude what are your export settings? Sounds like Uncompressed AVI. 

    Switch your export settings to mp4 and you will have smaller file sizes and more control over export. 

  •  I just edited a Youtube Video that was 3.5 mins long at 14.23MB. The only edit that was done was to remove 15 seconds of the video. I saved it as MP4 for Vimeo Compressed 1080P HD at 192 kbps bitrate. That video is now 396mb after exporting. I am using the latest version of Hitfilm 8.1. How do I get it back to around 14 MB without loss of quality? 


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    @TheEducator Um. You really can't. If your source footage is 14MB and about 3.5 minutes then your source file is about 112 megabits at, at 210 seconds, that's 0.53mbps. This is a very low bitrate (I'm guessing your source footage is a screen capture).

    Now, uncompressed 1920x1080 is 1.2 GIGABITS per second. Mp4 is a lossy compression format. The lower the bitrate the more quality is lost. A gigabit+ compressed to 0.53 mb is a compression ratio of nearly 2000:1. You cannot recompress your footage this much again and maintain quality. 

    If your footage is being uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube those platforms will recompress your footage again (further damaging the footage).

    If you want to shrink the file down your looking for a bitrate slider measured in mbps (that 192Kbps was audio bitrate). Change this slider from its default setting (12mbps) to 0.53.

    Hope this helps 

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