Chroma Key Plugin bug with Ignite and Sony Vegas 13

CourtneyBrown Posts: 70 Just Starting Out*
edited November 2015 in HitFilm

I have used the HitFilm Pro plug-in for Chroma Key for years in Sony Vegas. But I just upgraded to HitFilm 4 Pro, and the Chroma Key plugin in the Ignite group has been changed somewhat and now drops key frames when rendering in Vegas Pro 13. That is, it will skip the keying out process for random frames, showing the green screen in the background for a frame or two, and then pick up where it left off, only to skip again in a few seconds. I tried lots of things to fix this in Vegas, but the only thing that worked was to uninstall Ignite and reinstall the HitFilm Pro 3 plugins. Then the rendering went fine. I duplicated the problem with the Sony mp4 codec as well as the MainConcept mp4 codec. I am using a Windows 10 machine with 16 gigs of Ram, all updates, the fastest i7 processor, and a high-end Nvidia graphics card.


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