Mocha is crashing (Mac)

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I've upgraded HF3 to HF4 Pro (and the last update too), but it seems that the soft don't want to work with me (or it doesn't like me ?)

After lauching HF4, I import a short media (21Mo in .mov format) and open it with Mocha to test the tracking.

I make the tracking and look if it's ok. And it is very good. After that, I  solve the camera tracking (auto mode) and the quality is 1%... I launch a second time the solver and... Mocha crashes !

After more than 5 test with some changes in media format/tracking/solving mode, it's always crashing.

I have a report after crash if it can help (I don't understand anything in the report).

I was happy that the tracking was so much better than before, but with the repetitive crash, it becomes worse.

If you could help me, it would be very nice.

Thank you

JR (sorry for my english)


  • Ady
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    @JRV - Sorry to hear the mocha is crashing for you. Does it only crash if you use that specific bit of footage?

    I'd like to report this to Imagineer (the people who made mocha) if possible but I'd need your reproducible steps.

    Is there any chance you could upload the footage you are using somewhere along with the full list of steps required to reproduce the bug?

    I know it's a lot to ask but with all of this we can get the problem to Imagineer for them to take a look at. 

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