HF4 PRO - Can't enter editbox values


I found some issue in value editor editbox. Sometimes I can't enter new value, in position (next to timeline) for example. When I click value, the editbox apears with, lets say value of 100.0 . Then I want to type new value, but my new value is then restoring immediately to 100.0. It happens each time I type new digit on my keyboard.

This issue occurs when proxy is rendering in background. I'm using Polish localization (comma instead dot in fractional part of the number) - maybe it has some influence. I'm also a software developer and few weeks ago I had similar problem in app that I'm working on. The bug was in parsing editbox values code, when the background thread was running. This thread uses some global localization switch from current Windows environment setting to English (for reading xml correctly - dot instead comma), which impact whole app makes some currency editbox value parser work incorrectly. Maybe this bug has similar background.

HF4 pro, Windows 10 x64, GTX970, 16GB RAM, i5 4690

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