How to get the whole audio of a video separately

I would like to know if i could get the audio of the video separately in mp3 to edit on other software


  • This is a problem I currently face with Hitfilm besides the mp3 format as I continually needed a .wav version. HF does not render out audio independently. You have to render out a video and then take it into another program like Vegas :( to separate the audio from the video and render your audio track. The program you choose will need to have the capability to convert the wav file to mp3. If it doesn't, you can render the wav file from the app you choose anyway and use lame converter to convert it to mp3 found here:

    You then take the file back into HF if needed and re-sync it manually to your project. There are ways to make this process easier (re-sync). I will elaborate my approach if you like.

    It requires unnecessary steps but it is possible.


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    You can get audio only from Hitfilm but the options are very limited at this point. To do this you just turn off video output (clear the check option) in the export dialog.

    The H.264/MP4 export option will give you AAC audio in an MP4 file. If you want you can rename that to M4A if that is what you prefer.

    On Windows to get PCM audio you would use the AVI export option. This will give you uncompressed PCM (aka WAV) data but sadly in an AVI file. You would need an external program to extract that into a WAV file is a WAV file is required by the other software. ffmpeg can do this. Sorry but I do not know any others to list right now.

    I cannot test on the Mac but I'll bet there is an option there with PCM audio but again here the audio will not be in a WAV file but on Mac will be in a MOV file. External program needed to extract audio from MOV.

    Depending on audio editor, you might not need to extract the audio. Many will open the audio portion of a video file.

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    @ NormanPCN I see what you are saying from a technical stand point, but basically you can not get audio "independently" from HF. You will have to use an additional program to extract the video file eventhough there is not a visible video attached.

  • He also can not get an MP3 file from HF.

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    Audacity can extract the audio from a video clip as long as you install FFMpeg for Audacity. The LAME library needed for Audacity to export to mp3 is available on the same page

    Extract Audio From Video Files Using Audacity

    AVIDemux is another freebie that can extract audio streams. 

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    "He also can not get an MP3 file from HF."

    True, but if lossy compressed audio is acceptable, then the AAC audio output from Hitfilm is as good and maybe better quality and the mp4/m4a container Hitfilm generates is actually a normal container for AAC audio only files.

  • Hi gentlemen, sorry for disturbing, you seem to know a lot about audio, I cannot find a way to get my audio exports to appear in iTunes. I can send to Cubasis or other apps, but none of the options I have found enable a WAV file to be created and dragged from iTunes like it used to. "Copy" does not seem to do anything, but I now have a file named HelpshiftThingsDB.sql, and no SQL app to access it with... I downloaded a program from a giveaway site, but it asked me to set some parameters for my audio, actually, I have no idea about that? anyone can help me, thanks a lot

  • I am using M4V Converter to extract audio tracks from videos. But it can only work on iTunes videos. If you would like get audios from other videos, you can use some other software.

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