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  • LOL!! That was really funny. Even though I'm not English, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when he opened up the top of the helmet and there was a tea cup... This is something my friend who is a former Royal Marine would no doubt have appreciated.
    Thanks for sharing Simon!
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    Thanks! Due to having a youngish baby I've not been involved with the creation of these new sketches, so I watched this without knowing what was going to happen and was most amused. :)
    There's a couple more sketches in the works so hopefully they'll pop up soon.
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    So---last night sucked, for personal reasons, and, as I knew my brain just wasn't going to co-operate at all on doing my actual editing work, I ended up on YouTube to attempt to distract myself from my sorrow.
    I had previously come across the original "Arms Race" short before I was a Hitfilm user and member of this community, and enjoyed it greatly, so, last night I decided it was time to watch Escalation.
    My, that was fun! The storyline, costumes and props were above the normal standard I tend to see for Steampunk (As others in this thread noted, props seemed to be designed more around function than flash), it was well shot, the actors are charismatic (There was a single performance I felt lacking, but I don't need to point that finger.), and the VFX, for the most part, really blended nicely (OK, I didn't like the "tracer" effect. As first, I thought those were supposed to be lasers/blasters.)
    After watching Escalation, I went back to the original Arms Race, when my fiancee arrived. She was drawn in, so we ended up watching the whole shebang again.
    We both agree we'd certainly enjoy more shorts in that universe. (I see a couple of prop builds on the IAT Youtube feed dated in the last couple of months... do we get our wish? Although those newer builds didn't have the same design aesthetic, but maybe it's 1857 now and things have changed!)
    Most importantly, some Arms Race: Escalation broke my mood so I stopped bursting into tears every five minutes. Some inventive, light entertainment was what I needed last night, and Arms Race provided that quite nicely, so thanks muchly to you and the rest of the IAT crew!
    The supplemental material (ads, prop builds) are also a good watch, and that one helmet build from the cricket helmet and car mat was brilliant!
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    I believe some of Nigel's more recent props are for specific future projects and some are just him experimenting.
    We're actually quite keen to do some non-steampunk stuff (hence The Interview short, and the World War 1 stuff which hasn't been released yet). A bunch of us really want to try some proper future sci-fi, but it all depends on timings.
    I did have a crazy idea of doing a kind of 'Arms Race 40K' spin-off, set vaguely in the same universe but 300 years in the future, with a very different aesthetic.
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    Love... love... love Steam Punk.  :)