Glitches using light streaks and emboss text in FCPX

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I've been having an issue recently, not sure if it started with just fcpx 10.2.2 or slightly earlier, but on export when using light streaks and emboss text, it goes a little nutty.

I've even exported the video and then reimported to just add the title by itself, and the issue is still there.

here's how it should look

and here's what happens on some frames


Please advise.


  • GrayMotion
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     There are still glitches in the 3D text updates for FCPX and Motion. The edge on glitch with the 3D camera and font problems  (some add weird glitches) seem to be the ones I notice the most.

    I see that many users over at are suggesting to composite out the text separately and then drop it over the backgrounds. 

  • llirik
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    i'm not using the built in 3D effects of fcpx... I'm using hit film 3... and tried again now with hit film 4 (ignite) and have the same issue.

    Paging hitfilm support, paging hit film support....

  • Ady
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    llirik - Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, could you give me some information about how you've set things up here?

    I'd like to try & replicate the issue but I don't have an awful lot of information to go on from your initial post. I just need a simple way to reproduce the issue, so I can get it logged & fixed ASAP.


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