Bun In The Oven (Comedy Web Series) - Episode 5

Check out episode 5 of Bun in the Oven, where the duo go on a trip to the cinema.

Enjoy a few japes, and some fake film trailers! :)




  • TheDigitalMedia
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    Thanks for sharing your film. With everyone talking about HF4, bugs, and request, I wanted to see what you created.

    Nice film, has that sort of quirky humor dialogue. I would cut the dialogue scenes quicker to emphasize the jokes and punch lines. It normally works "to me" with comedy. I wish I could have seen cut aways to the trailer to draw me into the film more but I am guessing it was a budget call to do audio and see actors expressions.

    I will check out your channel to try and pick up the overall story line, thanks again for sharing with us.