Hitfilm Ignite Effects render different results in different Hosts

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I tested a combination of 3 different effects (Auto Contrast, Auto Color, and White Balance) in both Adobe Premiere Pro and Divinci Resolve against the same clip. I would obviously expect them to render the same results no matter which Host application I use.

The combined effect performed perfectly in Premiere and saved some footage that was less than perfect. Seriously it worked amazingly well and probably saved me an hour or two in color correcting (Thank you Ignite!).

However, when I tried to apply the same combination of effects in Davinci Resolve, I did not get the same result. Instead of a nicely saturated and well balanced and exposed image, it looked washed out.

In Premiere I applied each effect in the usual layered way. In Resolve, I applied each effect to a separate node that were in sequence. I applied them in the same order in both host applications.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Am I missing something? How did you fix it?



  • SimonKJones
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    The most likely cause here is that the different hosts might be working in different color spaces, which would produce different results. It's difficult to say for sure without having access to the video footage and project files to examine.

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