Problem Viewing 4K Clips

Hello everyone. I'm having a problem using 4K footage in HitFilm Pro 4.

When I place my 4K footage on the timeline, the preview that I see in the viewer does not scale to fit.

I have tried centering and scaling the clip, but it appears blurry and just want 'snap' into the correct view. In fact it is initially so far out of center and scale that its very hard to 'find' in the viewer and work with.

I've experimented with different project resolution settings to see if it would magically fix the issue, but this doesn't appear to effect the Viewer.

I didn't have this much trouble with 4K footage in HitFilm 3 Express.

Has anyone else had difficulty with this and been able to find a fix? Is 4K supported? What am I missing?



  • Palacono
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    HF3 Express doesn't support above 1080p. If you import 4K footage it just zooms into the centre section and you need to scale it to 50% to get it all in frame. Then the highest you can export is 1080p. Still useful for reframing/stabilising though.

    I just tried creating a 4K project in HF4P and dragging 4k footage directly into it and created a composite shot and it works as expected.

  • cshreffler
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    @Palacono: Thank you for your response. I just tried this again with a different 4k clip and it worked... hmmm...

    I noticed that the clip that did not work was an 'mov' file while the one that did work was an 'mp4' file.

    Not sure if that was the deciding factor. I'll continue to experiment.