BorisFX 3D text is a great addition to Hitfilm 4

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I took a look at the BorisFX 3D text features added and they are pretty capable. Type On Text is capable of quite a lot of text animations without the need to keyframe. Here is an example I did in HF4 +Boris that mimics a title I had previously done in NewBlue Titler Pro. Not a single keyframe is needed in the text animations. This is a single TypeOnText effect with an entry and exit animation.

FxHome has already said they are going to integrate the Borix text with Hitfilm camera and lights. Hopefully they also eliminate the layer restrictions. We cannot point to a layer for texture, bump etc. Only "source layer" can be selected.



  • Palacono
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    Would be nice to have the standalone BCC FX Browser (or the newer Title Studio) so you can roll your own stuff though. The included splines of a Heart and a Ribbon aren't particularly useful.

    Frustrating when the docs says: "BCC filters come with a library of factory installed presets plus the ability to create your own custom presets and preview them with the BCC FX Browser™" but it's conspicuous by its absence.

  • NormanPCN
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    It would be nice if Hitfilm came with the full BCC. At the same price of course.

    Since you mention that Heart and Ribbon are not useful, then that must mean that Line, Circle, Oval, Wedge, Rectangle, Arrow, Star and Polygon are useful. 

    The Title Studio is a part of BCC 3D objects 10. Hitfilm has BCC 3D objects 9. Often inexpensive bundled versions are a step behind or limited. NewBlue has done that with Titler Pro in Vegas and these days still in Avid. Common practice.

    It should not be surprising that our bundled plug-in does not come with all features of the retail package. I'm not sure if retail BCC 9 even supports Hitfilm. BCC 10 is only available for Avid right now. Even Adobe user have to wait a while longer.

    I would not expect someone to do custom documentation for cheap bundled versions. Boris docs are somewhat generic. Even the online retail version docs. Both Avid and After effects are mentioned for items special to them. The rest being generic.

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