Apply to Layer - NONE!!!??? (Motion Tracking)

- I have two composite layers.
No. 1 contains footage and motion tracking data.
No. 2 contains masked footage and is supposed to follow the data in layer no. 1

- In layer no. 1 at step 2 of the motion tracking procedure, i try to select layer no. 2 but the "Layer: ..." menu just gives me a "NONE". So i can´t choose the layer layer no.2.

Why?! :) ... What am i supposed to do? What did i miss?

In every tutorial regarding this topic, the "Layer: ..." -menu in Step 2 seems to be filled with the names of other existing layers out of the box. Any hint and help is highly aprecciated.


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    Can you post a screenshot of what you've set up so I can see it more clearly?


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    Hey Ady. Thanks a lot for the fast reply!

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     @Fulkadelic - we can't see the other layers in the composite shot in that second screenshot. What kind of layer is the other layer?

  • True. .... Sorry.

    I selected the clips in the edit layer and converted them into composite layers (Right Mouse Button) one at a time.

    After that i masked the eye. Then i tracked the meat footage. And now i can not select the "Why do we B..."-layer (eye) in step 2 so it will stick to the "How to Tend..."-layer (meat). The "Layer:"-menu just say "None".

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    You'll need at least one other layer in that composite shot in order to be able to see other layers in the layer menu. The layer menus are relative to the contents of the current composite shot, they can't reference other timelines.

    If you need to transfer the data between composite shots you can copy the position keyframes manually then paste them elsewhere.

  • "Almost there!" (Red Leader - Star Wars)

    I just copied the tracking data : meat-layer  -->  eye-layer and this seemed to work just perfect. Thank you.

    But the eye layer still doesn´t move. Back in editor-viewer the eye doesn´t seem to be affected by the tracking data. What am i suppose to take care of / pay attention to?

  • OK. Got it. ... Copied the eye-layer from the media-browser into the meat-layer (on top) and was then able to apply the meat-layers tracking data to eye-layer. ... New Program ... Forest ... Trees. ;) ... Thanks for HitFilm and the remarkably fast support!

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    It's quite difficult to follow exactly what you're doing - are you able to upload the project file itself so we can take a look?

  • As i encountered what i think might be a bug (black screen after switching the positions of two layers inside of a composite layer. Repeatable after restartig hitfilm. ) i just startet from scratch. That´s ok. It´s just a testdrive. ... I´ll be back.

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    That black screen is because you are still in the Layer tab of the Viewer. Switch back to the Viewer tab, and you will be good to go. Tracking takes place in the Layer tab, so if you suddenly see a black screen, its usually because you are still in the layer tab but have deselected the layer.

    Also, when tracking, its almost always advisable to create a point layer, and apply the tracking data to the point. Then you can parent other layers to the point, or link effects to the point, and control multiple layers and effects with the same tracking data. You can also name the point so you can easily find that tracking data whenever you need to.

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    Done. It was easy and the solution was in all your answers. I just had to get rid of my assumptions and bring it all together. ...

    - I opened the meat-layer, made it a composite-layer and then ... did not repeat these steps with the eye-layer in order to combine them via motion tracking.

    - Instead i opened the eye-layer inside of the meat-composite-layer, motion-tracked the meat-layer and could then finaly apply the m.t.-data to the eye-layer.

    - After that i really appreciated the hint to apply the m.t.-data onto a point-layer. So i created one, declared the eye-layer as its child and applied the m.t.-data to the point-layer.

    - Added color grading to the eye-layer.

    I like HitFilm now. Nice workflow and i really like the motion tracker. Thanks again.

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    Just remember for your future Hitfilm work, Hitfilm wants you to use points to generate position data, then link effects to the points. Kind of like what you've done with the tracker. As Axel noted earlier, using a point let's you hang things on the point. Like Particle emitters, 3D Extrusion, Atomic Particles, Flares, etc. A great example is creating a point, then parenting a light and lens flare to the same point. Then, moving the point around, your light source and light flare stick together. 

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    You haven't selected the Layer to Transform from the drop down. It's right above the bit you circled where it says "None". ;)