Does HitFilm 4 Pro have these new features?

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Hi just want to know a few things about Hitfilm 4 Pro

  • Can you now rig models and animate them in Hitfilm or is that just for importing from 3ds or something
  • Is there a puppet tool?
  • Is there a roto brush
  • Is there a comparison sheet between 3 and 4?

Thanks :)


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    Here is a simple text list of new/improved stuff in 4. The website has fancy graphics descriptions of the same.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,303 Ambassador

    One has been able to rig and animate models since Hitfilm 2. HOWEVER, this is limited animation, hard linking model segments to points, without IK, bones  or mesh deformation. Hitfilm 4 has the same limited capabilities for animation (which is certainly enough for animating mechanical parts, and limited character animation with the right model), but no IK, bones or mesh deformation tools have been added to Hitfilm. The Alembic import still requires the animation to be set up in an external program. 

    No puppet warp tool. 

    No roto brush tool. 

    Otherwise, Norman covered the "What's New" cheat sheet. 

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    To add a bit more detail to the Alembic feature - that means you can import pre-animated models, still in full 3D, but with far more complex animation than you'd be able to do inside HitFilm itself. You need to create that animation externally, but you then get all the benefits of compositing within HitFilm.

  • SeaGalSeaGal Website User Posts: 2

    The plugins from Hitfilm4 show up in AE but the BCC8 3dObjects asks for a serial number. Is there one that can be used there? Or should I just eliminate it in AE. I really like the plugin and it works well in Hitfilm but it would be nice to use it in AE as well?

  • LIFE_LEADERSHIPLIFE_LEADERSHIP Website User Posts: 237 Just Starting Out

    Anyone think we will Ever get the rotobrush tool and or puppet warp tool? Life would almost be complete if we got those and a few others that AE has.. 

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    @SeaGal The Boris 3D objects that's included is only licensed for use in HitFilm so to use in AE too you would have to purchase the full version from Boris FX

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    I know I posted a request for puppet warp a long time ago and was really hoping for it in HF4.  It would make my current project doable entirely within HF4 instead of tedious stop motion work.  I've seen several people continuing to make the request here recently... so I'll just take this opportunity express interest in it as a top priority again.  The upgrade feature set is worth the money but puppet warp would have been a VERY welcome addition.  Hopefully it is moving really close to the top of the list!  Roto brush would be really nice as well, but it comes in just behind puppet warp for me.  

  • LIFE_LEADERSHIPLIFE_LEADERSHIP Website User Posts: 237 Just Starting Out

    Absolutely...  Maybe it's in the works but i haven't heard anything.  

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