Is this simple 3D text effect possibile with Express?

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Or should I need some extra plugin?

Minute 2:28

I need just text, not objects or images.

Thank you in advance


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Yes its possible. That is basically just text on a 3D plane, tracked into the scene. Depending on the specifics of your scene, you might be able to manage it with the built-in tracking in the free version. Or if the camera move is more complex, then you might need to use Mocha or some other tracking software to create the camera solve.

  • Stargazer54
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    That is some freaky-ass wicked dive video! 

    How the videographer/diver managed to get the shot without hitting the foreground columns is beyond me.  Awesome stuff.

    I like to to dive but I wouldn't do that on a bet.

  • Bocio
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    Thank you Alex.

    I searched for tutorials about this on you web site but all the text on 3d plane references to Mocha. 

    Usually my camera in the undrwater shots where I need it are nearly steady.

  • PaulHesh
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    Universe - "Ripples" does a nice job at making it wavy.

  • Triem23
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    Bocio if you create a text object and make it a 3D plane (this toggle is on it's layer, then you can freely move and rotate the text in 3D. Basically you'll track your footage, either with Hitfilm's point track or mocha, then convert your text layer to 3D. Parent the text to the track, then set the Transform controls on the text to position and rotation 0,0,0. This locks the text to the position and orientation of the tracking point. Now you can position the text where you want it, and it will stay locked to the point. 

    To make it ripple, you can use the Universe plug-in Paul Hesh mentioned or try Hitfilm's Heat Distortion. 

    Hope this helps.