Boris Titling vs Titler Pro

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Hi guys, 

Great Scott!   Very excited about Hitfilm 4 Pro! Nice surprise to wake up to.  Look forward to buying,  downloading and using the new software. 

Quick question...  How does the new integrated Boris Titling plugin compare to Titler Pro? 



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    I'll let other users offer their opinions, but one thing to note is that we'll be doing a free update early next year to integrated the Boris FX plugins with HitFilm's native lights and cameras, which will be pretty great.

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    Having used both Titler Pro and Boris, my opinion is that Boris is capable of better output, but NewBlue is easier to set up.

    NewBlue has the advantage of that massive preset library, and being able to use NewBlue effects directly in Titler Pro and save the whole thing out as another preset!  If you're in a hurry, NewBlue is a great option. 

    Boris has more adanced texturing and camera options, but you more-or-less have to "Roll Your Own" animation every time. 

    Both can provide stunning results with effort. NewBlue is easier to get good results out of. 

    When Boris can integrate with Hitfilm's camera and lights, then you'll be able to do things with Boris that will be impossible with NewBlue, like hook text into mocha-tracked footage, so, in the long run, FOR HITFILM, Boris is better. 

    In Vegas Pro, for example, NewBlue renders much faster than Boris, and has the Preset library, so NewBlue is better for Vegas users. 

    NewBlue can run as a standalone, which is fun if you just feel like working on titles without anything else. 

    If you already have NewBlue Titler Pro, you have a good product and the Boris Titler in Pro 4 is another great tool to use. 

    If you don't have NewBlue, and are thinking about getting that and Hitfilm 4,then skip Titler Pro and go Boris. Cuz... You get it with Hitfilm 4!

    Don't overlook the other effects in the package: Extruded Spline lets you turn vector art into 3D objects with the material and bevel options of the titling plug-in! Why, if FxHome has a vector copy of their triangle logo, I am certain someone could do something really fun with it--like create a custom bevel, keyframe the depth, and have it grow from a plane to a pyramid, or something. Just saying. Hint-hint. ;-) 

    Layer Deformer bends layers in ways Hitfilm can't: like Cylinders. 

    Type On Text is always useful. More than appearing letters, but flying, spinning, shattering. 

    If/when these all link to Hitfilm's 3D space that's some serious new power. 

    A few more tools--something similar to Puppet Warp, Liquefy, a full Warp Stabilizer, a 3D point tracker, Point of Interest Targeting, and a couple more output formats and Hitfilm becomes a real threat to the AE/Element 3D/Particular combo. For those willing to take a couple extra steps for file transfer, Hitfilm 4Pro is a viable replacement for the majority of tasks. And a hell of a lot better for many. 

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    Loaded question! In the ideal world you want both because even though there's obviously a lot of overlap each one has strengths the other doesn't and really target different project types. Triem23 pretty much covered the high points and Boris will be better in HitFilm especially for one off projects when you're willing to take the care and time to get the most out of it. Titler Pro will be better when you do most of your cutting in another NLE like Vegas or Edius and have recurring clients you developed custom presets for. . 

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    Thanks for the repsonses.  I do have Titler Pro 4 and have enjoyed using it both as a stand alone and integrated into Hitfilm.  I find it fairly easy to use but in some ways, it has it limitations.  So, i am looking forward to trying Boris.  Great job to the Hitfilm staff as always.  I second the motion above of adding a few effects to a future release of HF like the puppet warp tool,  and maybe an AE style roto-scope brush tool.  Keep up the great work.

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    BORIS looks good thus far at first glance. There are some nice abilities not in NewBlue. Not as easy to use or for simple animations as NewBlue which is their strength. NewBlue has their own UI and timeline so that helps with the ease of use, but that also means it does not integrate with the host UI. A two edged sword.

    Right now I am trying to figure out how to get text in BORIS with a transparent background. Right now I always get black clobbering the media/plane the text effect is applied to. Yes, one can possibly use demult but if the text has some black then that is a no go.

    I wonder if Type On text and 3D extrusion are actually OpenFX media generators. Hitfilm does not, has not, properly supported OpenFX media generators. It calls them as though they are effects. That can work but it has side effects.

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    I DO like the preset effects and transitions  already available in Titler Pro.   When i purchase the upgrade to HF4, at least I will have both programs available.  I will probably end up using both of different features are available in  Boris.  

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    The BORIS text "effects" seem to be OpenFX media generators. Therefore do not apply the "effect" to an event you don't want clobbered. Put them on a plane. It also means masks will not work as expected (aka like real "effects")

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    Hmmm,  ok.  Once i upgrade,  ill take a look at what you are referring to.   Thanks. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,304 Ambassador

    Just put the Boris Effects on their own plane. Don't apply to a video layer, or the Boris will "overwrite" the video. 

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    "Don't apply to a video layer, or the Boris will "overwrite" the video. "

    As I have found while experimenting with Boris, one might want to apply Boris to a video if you want the video to show through the text using the features built-into Boris. Use "source layer" for the front material. Of course there are other ways to do that in Hitfilm. This simply being a new available option.

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