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    Thanks Simon! Why didn't I think of that!  Downloading away!!!

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    Ok I have a question, as in regards to Mocha. What is the Mocha update about? Is it more functional in HF4 with its export options and such? Or is it still more for a camera solve? The limitations I didn't really care about between AE and HF3 pro using Mocha is how slimlined Mocha was for HF vs AE. And if I test out the HF4 trial is the features all available or are they limited? Sorry about all the questions as I just recently purchased HF3 Pro and am justifying paying for the upgrade if in fact it is that vast of a change for the better.

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    I. KNEW. it. Ever since I bought HF2U when you guys released the Mac version, it's been Black Friday like clockwork...

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    The mocha in HF4 can export tracking data for  corner pinning. HF3 only had camera solve and shape/roto export.


    There may be  functional quality improvements as well.

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    Value Graphs!  Yea!!!

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    @FingerPeopleMovies - that is......bizarre, and brilliant. :)

    @Arek - no immediate plans for integration. Of course, HitFilm Ignite plugs into both products.

    @FlyingBanana78 - as NormanPCN as clarified, the new version of mocha adds an additional export option to export 2D tracking points, primarily for corner pinning purposes. This means you have that as well as exporting shapes (for roto masking) and 3D camera solve data.

    @Pencilandinc - ;)


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    @SimonKJones sorry, asking you to repeat yourself one more time to clarify: HF4 Pro doesn't NOT currently have the pipeline back and forth to Vegas Pro 13, Vegas can't read HF4 projects as media, and such functionality depends on SONY writing their end, yes? 

    I think I gave out incorrect information, and I wish to correct it. 

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    Thank you Simon!

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    A comment from a C4D forumer that might be interesting for future development 

    "Now if they could get integration with layered photoshop and illustrator artwork that would be a major deal. Just not sure if that's even possible to do for non-Adobe developers."

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    OK, I've decided I'll definitely be getting the HF4 upgrade as soon as I can, and might be upgrading my card to a GTX970 with 4GB RAM as well sometime in the new year after that. :-)

    Time for my usual question I ask at each update - please excuse me if it had already been addressed in HF3 or elsewhere while I wasn't watching! LOL:
    has audio waveforms been added to Composite layers yet, instead of just being in the Editor? Since most of my work centers around music and audio, the ability to see the waveforms right in a Comp is really key for me to get precise timing of visual FX in sync to audio events.


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    No waveforms in comps yet, sorry!

    The 970 is a fantastic card. I have it in both my work and home machine and it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, while still being relatively affordable and fairly low power.

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    Could someone pass along a word to the Boris Effects document writers to ask them to:
    A) write the document with references to the Hitfilm interface, rather than AE, and
    B) either remove the broken links in the document, or make them go somewhere. Online would be fine.

  •  I'll second Simon's comment on the NVIDIA GTX970. Mine is overclocked to the same specs as a stock 980 and it's worked like a champ. It will *almost* handle real-time scrubbing with a 5000 particles-per-second starfield.

    Oh, and thank you HitFilmers for those upgrades throughout the year and for HitFilm4. Looks like Thanksgiving has come a little early for me this year!

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    Congrats to HF team.

    Is EXR and buffers/aovs supported yet? For 3d artists this is a must.
    I am using Fusion because Hitfilm doesn't support this format.

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     @Palacono - I'll feed that back, thanks.

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     Turn EPS files into 3D
    Convert your EPS logos and designs into 3D objects.

    Are these 3d object exportable?

  • Disappointed that you were not able to include FBX format for importing animated models. Your  software sits nicely with hobbyists who are not likely to own any of the major  3D  packages that export allembic  so another accepted format would make Hitfilm  available to a wider market. - I shall hope for the future inclusion. Other animation software I have in mind is Daz Carrara , Daz Studio,Poser, Iclone to name a few whose users might be very interested in importing  to Hitfilm with f bx or Collada

    Otherwise congratulations on brilliant software !

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    FxHome was caught a bit by surprise. They thought Alembic had been implemented in Blender. (There's a lot of Blender artist using Hitfilm) Alembic support is under development for Blender, btw. 

    For hobbyists, there are prerigged models for sale, as well. FBX would be nice. 

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    I was hoping they would go for fbx, too.
    Alembic is pretty new and still developing. Fbx is pretty stable for interchange now.
    Maybe they didn't want to pay the fee for implementing fbx.

  • dear hit film ladies and gentlemeen ! sat shree akaal, want to say something about hitfilm, i cannot find 3rd party 3d  or normal plugins open system !its better if you can build in third party 3d plugins installer then we all new genration can use such as red gaint all plugins , video copilot 3d plugins !boris fx 3d plugins or also newblue fx plugins ! the thing is if we buy normal 3d professional models they re so costly! and video copilot have so many cheaper 3d models ! thanks for understanding my problem ! ...nirmal singh

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    @nn3studios Hitfilm PRO supports industry-standard Open FX plugins. This makes it very possible for third-party plugins to be installed. In fact, NewBlue plugins run just fine in Hitfilm. Red Giant Universe runs in Hitfilm. Genarts Sapphire runs in Hitfilm. Some of the RE:Vision effects run in Hitfilm. The BORIS 3D Objects Unit is PART of Hitfilm 4

    Other Red Giant software (Particular/Form,etc) is NOT Open FX. Neither are the Video Co-Pilot plug-ins. They conform to a proprietary Adobe format. Therefore these plugins are not Hitfilm Compatible.

    Video Copilot's models work just fine in Hitfilm--the Element 3D browser doesn't run in Hitfilm, but many Hitfilm users are using Video Copilot models in Hitiflm--you just have to take the time to import them and relink textures and set materials. There are also many free models available on sites like Turbosquid.

    This all applies to Pro. If you're on Hitfilm 3 Express, then Express doesn't support Open FX. That's Pro only.

    I think I covered most of the major points here--we'll see if staff has anything to add. :-)

  • I'm currently looking for a new NLE for an upcoming project. Hitfilm is definetely one of my favourites. Though i have an issue with my 4K Display. Hitfilm doesn't scale. So its UI is ok for a mouse, but not for me unfortunately... Is HiDPI or 4k support coming?

    My project partner has a retina macbook pro. Does it scale on a mac? This is a very important issue....


  • Only issue i have had so far with v4 is that some of the older project files don't seem to open (Mac version). For instance i tried to open the 3d tutorial project file (plane with clouds) and it won't open

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    @edgar42mediahousecom - Retina displays are supported on Mac, but HiDPI is not yet supported on Windows. Its definitely something we are interested in adding, though I don't have a timeframe on when it might happen.

  • Count me in the camp with Windows High DPI issues. I was evaluating Express for a project and wound up not being able to use it do to the lack of High DPI support. My desktop (4K) monitor as well as my MS SurfaceBook Pro all have high DPI resolutions.

    +1 vote for High DPI Support.  We will look at this again once we are able to evaluate hitfilm with high dpi support.


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