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    @Ubi - that is simply an example of content made in HitFilm 4 Pro. The problem is that it's a bit too convincing and does actually look like an advert.......we might have to tweak it to be more clear! :)

    @Juang3d - our OpenEXR workflow is currently 16-bit. We're considering implementing a 32-bit workflow but we're actually interested in hearing from OpenEXR users about what other features they'd like to see supported - obviously it's a format with a lot more potential than how we're currently using it. So do let us know if you have any particular insight in that area.

  • Thank God you didn't release it one day later or I'd have been out the "recent purchase" upgrade. Even better that I didn't buy Boris in the interim. 

    After reading and viewing the new features I feel like I've won the lottery even though I'd already spent the winnings on the RodyPolis ActionFX Kickstarter. Thanks.

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    Wow that looks seriously fantastic and many congratulations with the new release!  

    Thank you for still allowing HF2 Ultimate users have a decent upgrade price as well which makes it even more attractive (as if the new options were not enough reason to upgrade)

    I'm still running on a Geforce 240 though(please don't laugh), could that manage it  do you think..?


    Jay (used to be StopmotionMan)

  • Go to check the upgrade offer to 4 Pro and apparently I have no upgrades even though I'm sure the $169 price is regardless of Express add-ons?  I hope I'm not wrong here because I'd love to get everything in one fell swoop.

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    Just upgraded.   There goes the weekend!

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    @Triem23...Daaaaamn the HF4 render looks slick. Less "video game" and more "real video".

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    @Ubi - that's just a mobile phone ad which was created within the software.  It relates directly to the new Animation and Titling features listed around the advert.

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    @KevinReay - if you follow the new banner on your home screen you'll find a limited time upgrade offer for Express users. :)

    @Stargazer54 - many thanks!

    @TheRealJayWalker - give the demo a whirl to see how it performs. :)

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    @NormanPCN I should note that's a "Raw" render. Just three lights and material settings. No other effects were used. Just used the Diffuse Map as a Bump Map and twiddled some faders in the new shader settings. Those are straight PNG renders slapped over a canvas in Photoshop. I'm waiting for someone to spot where the canvas came from... Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill just had to remove one thing... Quick touch up with the patch tool... ;-) 

    Bottom line, the FxHome team just really improved the shader. Check out Simon's video in the blog--he rendered this gorgeous skull that really shows off the new Illumination model with reflections/refractions. 

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    I suspect we've barely begun to properly explore what can be done with the new lighting model. I'm really looking forward to seeing models composited into live action. That BMW car tutorial I did a few years back would be a lot easier with the new materials and reflections and diffuse lighting, that's for sure. :)

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    @SimonKJones, @AxelWilkinson Phew! I had an horrible feeling for a few minutes! Thanks for the clarification!

    I see that now Boris is included. I was really lucky to choose not to buy a Boris license few weeks ago!

  • Triem23
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    Simon, revisit the shot!  In the words of Ryan Connolly, that "look[ed] freaking real!" I bet an hour or less to revamp the materials and AO, and you have a nice side-by-side comparison for the new shader/Illumination model... And if the AO removed the need for your secondary shadow plane, that's good to know... 

    Seriously, that would be good to know. In that theoretical model/workflow tut I mentioned earlier, setting up the false-AO shadow plane would be something you'd set up on initial import, then link to the car or other object/vehicle and save as part of it's Comp Shot/preset. Not needing that in HF4 would take two steps out of a lot of model prep. 

    I'm lazy. I only want to do something once. ;-) 

  • A little over 4 years ago, I was working on a project and needed some new effects software. I had been using FXHome software for awhile and had recently upgraded to VisionLab. It wasn't enough, however. I needed a 3D compositor, in particular one with a 3D particle simulator. As I was looking into new software to buy, BAM, along comes HitFilm. And it was exactly what I needed. Fast forward to one of my first film projects in college. I needed a program that could import 3D models. I started looking for new software. Then, BAM! Along came HitFilm 2. That worked great until I had another project that really needed an integrated 3D environment. BAM! There was HitFilm 3. And just the other day, I was thinking how badly I needed to figure out a way to do three things for my latest project: make smoke move more realistically through a 3D scene, import animated digital characters from other software, and use a grid particle system to generate a city. And then I wake up this morning to see this... I'm beginning to get a little scared.

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    @FingerPeopleMovies try to need Puppet Warp, Spherical Forces and Point of Interest targeting for your next-next project... I'm counting on you. ;-) 

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    This, and Fallout 4 released in the same month? I'll make my apologies to my wife now for never seeing me again.

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    I would second the Triem23 comment about revisiting the car shot. You don't want people looking at old 3D model video and thinking that is current HF capability. 

  • Since I got Hitfilm 3 this month I'm super glad to not have to pay to upgrade but such a bonus excludes me from any kind of Thanksgiving deal on your new stock packs.

    Not sure if I need them, but sometimes I can't resist a deal, when offered.

  • Pete
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    No support for HiDPI/Retina/4K screens?

  • Triem23
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    The Hitfilm 4 Pro information section on the site says (on the "What's New?" page) that Retina displays are supported. 

  • Pete
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    Ah, looks like its Mac only...

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    Congrats!  It looks like another stellar product release!  Really looking forward to seeing more examples of the animation tools in use.  

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    JoshDaviesCEO- Congratulations on a another successful launch! And thank you for the vision of FXhome bringing affordable FX to indy film makers. VisionLab to HF4P - my life hasn't been the same since!

    SimonKJones- Triem23  & NormanPCN  do make a compelling point about the car tut and I'm inclined to agree.

    FingerPeopleMovies - Very interesting. How are you doing this?  ;^)

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    Very nice. I can barely keep up with all these updates!

    What the others are saying is true, a revamp of the BMW shot would be really nice, and a great opportunity to show how much HitFilm has evolved.

    @Pete Yes, sadly. HitFilm still doesn't scale at all on the display of my MS Surface, which is more than Full HD on barely 13 inches. Windows is set to scale to 150%, but HitFilm ignores it, the interface becomes really tiny. Well, at least I have a lot of space this way :D

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    If I did install the trial this will modify my current 3 Pro installation or will be just another sw?

    Just since I need to decide if upgrade or not.

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    @Davide445 It shouldn't affect your HF3 install as I believe you can have all the versions of Hitfilm installed. You just can't run them at the same time.

  • IamJoshuaDavies
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! :D

    Are many of you running for software on HiDPI Windows machines? We can look at this as an extension of the work we've done for Retina on Mac. :)

  • NormanPCN
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    Speaking for myself, HiDPI is a kind of catch 22, it is not in the picture unless the software I use will work respectably on HiDPI. Most software that I use don't, so I therefore don't.

  • Pete
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    Yes indeed, you can install the trial for HF4 along with HF3.

    You've got my vote for HiDPI! I'll make the jump to HF4 regardless, if I can squint at the screen in HF3, I can squint at it in HF4 

  • Arek
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    Forgive me that I'm repeating myself but I would like to ask if HF4 will be integrated with Sony Vegas 13 Pro or Catalyst? (direct link or whatever it is called).

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    Got HF4 and am looking through all the new features. Can hardly wait to put an alembic export plugin on my animation software and try that out.  That could potentially solve a few VFX related issues for me.