Open EXR into DaVinci Resolve 12

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I've been round tripping with Vegas 13 Pro (main edit in Vegas, edit with HitFilm3 Pro on every clip, then back into Vegas for final trimming etc) and despite the "clunkiness" of having to save all my settings as presets in order to create similar looks across different clips, this has worked quite well.

Anyway, I spent a few hours looking at Resolve 12 this afternoon and it has some feature I'd quite like to use (what's more its editing capabilities have come on a long way - if I could round trip into HFP I could consider ditching Vegas after 10 years). Anyway I thought I'd try working on some clips out of HFP.

Initial problem - uncompressed AVI not recognised by Resolve.

A quick look here and I saw a suggestion that Exporting as 16 bit OpenEXR was the way to go. I tried this but there are a multitude of compression options. I tried uncompressed but when opened in Resolve the images were extremely dark.

What am I doing wrong?


  • NormanPCN
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    When in doubt use the Default setting(s). Smarter people than us typically choose reasonable defaults.

    I have only imported OpenEXR from Hitfilm into Vegas. What I used was the default EXR compression scheme which was PIZ. Maybe that (PIZ) will work with better in Resolve or maybe not. If not then maybe a problem with Resolve or Hitfilm. I would have doubts about the later since OpenEXR between Hitfilm<->Vegas works fine.

  • mark_e
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    OpenEXR works in a linear color space so I think you will need to use some sort of lut to bring them back to a delivery format that can be viewed, like you would work with log and they flipping huge :)

    I've found the best way to work with resolve on windows is MOV wrapped DNXHR / DNXHD this works across most applications nicely without levels shift.  Can't remember if hitfilm can export that or not.  I get the feeling that resolve is decoding that nativity rather than using the 32bit QT wrapper as it flys but haven't proved that!

  • Triem23
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    No, Hitfilm doesn't export DNxHD or DNxHR directly. Common recommendation here is export image sequences and use Mpeg Streamclip, VirtualDub or another NLE to transcode the sequence. 

  • NormanPCN
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    "...but when opened in Resolve the images were extremely dark"

    That description sounds like Resolve is not handling the linear gamma of the EXR file. I've seen the same thing with ffmpeg handling of EXR files where a gamma adjustment needs to be added.

    Maybe Resolve has an option to deal with this, if not then this is a likely problem in Resolve.

  • TimStannard
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    Thanks for the comments, all.

    One other thing I've noticed is that although my HFP project is set up 1080P/25 when I import the OpenEXR into Resolve its claims it is 24P (even though that project is set up at 25P).

    I tried exporting from Vegas as DNxHD (85 - ie 422 85Mbps 1080P 8bit) and the colours are good - however despite the media showing within Resolve as 1920x1080 the image is shown as 4:3!

    By contrast the OpenEXR displayed correctl as do renders from Vegas using Sony AVC and the MPEG2 mxf files straight from my camera.

    However, this is clearly more down to me getting to grips with Resolve than an issue which this forum should be worrying about. Thanks for the pointers.




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