Thinking of purchasing HitFilm 3 Pro

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I am thinking of purchasing HitFilm Pro3 but I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer for me..

My main work is wedding video's  and I'm looking to change from my current editing package, Avid Studio (which is now incompatible with my system upgrade) is HitFilm suitable for my line work?

Also as I need to burn Blu-ray and DVD discs can anyone suggest a suitable program to author discs?




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    As a wedding videographer myself I think I can give you some perspective. 

    First, try out Hitfilm Express. It's free, and, while it lacks a lot of the advanced features of Pro, the basic editing features are completely intact. This will let you determine how Hitfilm's edit workflow meets your needs without committing to the buy. You'll have most of Pro's color correct/grading tools to try, and the basic text engine. 

    For your cuts, it should be noted that at this time, Hitfilm doesn't support any kind of auto-synching or multicam tools, so if you're used to a workflow where you line up shots and "switch" between them, you won't find those tools in Hitfilm. 

    In short, Hitfilm's editor is more suitable for a film/dramatic workflow than for events. 

    Hitfilm has some fantastic color/grading tools and powerful compositing that is useful for adjusting your footage and creating dynamic titles and transitions. 

    Mocha Hitfilm (bundled in Pro, optional add-on for Express) is a must have if you want to insert titles hanging in your shots--a popular trick. 

    A year ago I would have asked if you are on Windows, and, if so, would have recommended the Vegas Pro Suite from Sony. This would bundle Vegas, Hitfilm, DVD Architect, Sound Forge and some other goodies at a good price point. This would give you a very fast editor in Vegas (with multicam), and Vegas can send shots directly to Hitfilm to process, or read Hitfilm projects as media files. The Hitfilm Plug-ins in the bundle would add a lot of Hitfilm's power directly to Vegas as a plug-in, Sound Forge would give you a dedicated audio editor abd DCD Architect is a powerful DVD/Blu-Ray authoring package. 

    I am literate in Avid, Vegas and Premiere with some familiarity with FCPX, and (for me) Vegas is the fastest of all in terms of cutting raw footage into a timeline (I can cut in Vegas in 1/4 the time of Avid or Premiere). When you're paid by the project, time is money! 

    Here's the problem with Vegas... I have seen a direct (albeit off the record) quote from Head of Development at Sony Computer Software saying the current version of Vegas Pro (13) is the last. Since Sony has released two major version releases of it's new, cross-platform Catalyst Suite in 2015, I firmly believe Vegas and it's suite (barring Hitfilm, of course) is now "orphanware." Sony will issue patches and bug fixes, but that's it. 

    One could still get a good 4 or 5 years of use from Vegas still, depending on hardware and camera packages, and it's still much cheaper than an Adobe subscription. 

    For Hitfilm, I restate, try Express. If you like, upgrade to Pro. 

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    @Triem23 does Hitfilm 3 Pro not connect to Sony Movie Studio as Hitfilm 2 Ultimate did. Thinking of upgrading both products H2U to H3P and SMS12 to SMS13 and I currently use this feature.

    I  can't really afford Vegas Pro.

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    @Marshall2000uk since I use Vegas Pro, not Movie Studio, I don't want to touch that question since I honestly don't remember. I don't want to give incorrect advise. 

    I will tag, oh, let's see, @AxelWilkenson would know. Unless another user beats him to it. 

  • ok, thank you.. I appreciate the reply, maybe its not the right program for me.. I'll look at premier.

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    The big caveat with Premiere is you can BUY a copy of CS6 which is already four years old and no longer updated, or you can RENT CC. 

    If you go to Premiere CC and decide later to stop paying for the Adobe Subscription your software will immediately stop working (!) and you will be unable to access, open or edit your own projects until you pay Adobe for the privilege. 

    Let me say this again: if you rent Creative Cloud from Adobe and cancel your subscription the software you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to download will immediately stop working and you will be unable to open your own projects!

    I recently was contacted by a couple whose wedding I had done who wanted a highlight reel re-cut for a fifth anniversary party, and another commission requiring me to go back to projects from 2006. Fortunately, I OWN Vegas and am able to do this. If you RENT Adobe you're committing for the long term. 

    It's obvious I am not a fan of Adobe's subscription model. My Adobe software will remain at CS6 and I will run Vegas Pro into the ground, because the current subscription model is, bull. 

    One of the many nice things about Hitfilm is that when purchased, it's OWNED and I never have to worry about being locked out of my own work. 

    With that rant over, take a look at the free version of Resolve. I have never edited in it, so I can't answer to how suitable it is for event video, but it's an option. 

    Or, upgrade your Avid. Yes, initial cost will be higher, but you already know Avid, and you'll be, well, owning another copy of Avid that probably opens your old projects. Commit to Adobe and, eventually, you're going to end up paying more than the Avid upgrade. 

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    Or there's Edius Pro that's now claiming compatibility with the HitFilm plugins.

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    The only real problem I have with Edius is that there is no script interface or any way to have extensions like Ultimate S, Vegasaur, Excalibur etc etc. On the plus side multi-cam work is a snap.

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    Sony's Catalyst Suite quietly release it's 2.0 this week. Catalyst now has effects, OpenFX and nesting. Not sure about multicam. 

    Ultimate S and Vegasaur. Use em both. Amazingly useful. Just two weeks ago Ultimate S turned a project that would have taken three to four hours of manual editing in Vegas or Hitfilm into a 5-minute build. 

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    No multicam and OpenFX support is limited as I can only use some Sony effects and a couple of other odd ball things I have installed. No HitFilm, NewBlue, Boris or Red Giant available.

    EDIT: Basic editing functions are Vegas-like (automatic crossfades) but unlike Vegas the pointer function doesn't automatically change depending on what element you're working with - select, envelope points, fade length, trim/edit etc etc all have separate tools that have to be selected first.

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    Oh, you've been playing with Catylist? I wouldn't mind more insight there. I'll run Vegas into the ground, but, at some point I'm just going to have to switch.

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    Just a little bit. The speed of the OpenCL engine is nice and now that there is some OpenFX support you can finally do something wild and crazy like adjust brightness and contrast in Edit. Before the only way to do that was in Prepare first and then transferring to Edit. 

    The interface is definitely designed to cater to the touch crowd and might make some sense there but for me not so much especially when it comes to having to constantly change tools to do simple things. 

    There are a couple of things I do like. One is the clip inspector. It's a flyout panel that has everything going on with the selected clip kind of like the Contols panel of the selected layer in HitFilm. The other is being able to nest timeline events creating a new event/timeline just like embedding in a new composite shot. 

    Those two things don't outweigh all the negatives though. No multicam, limited OpenFX, limited native tools, no scripting, limited interface options, next to no keyframing of any kind, audio envelopes only, no decent audio tools....... I could go on and on and on. At best I see Catalyst as an onsite prep suite.

    EDIT: Another thing I do like - You can scrub though the thumbnails of your clips in the media browser.

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    It will take a little time for Catalyst Edit OpenFX to take hold. It is common for OpenFX plug-ins to only allow themselves to run inside an "approved" OpenFX host. So the plug-in folks will have to test, and add Catalyst to the approved list of hosts and update the plug-in(s).

    Hitfilm is in the same boat WRT getting on the approved host list for the various plug-in suites. Just being an OpenFX host is only the first step.